Sunday, January 28, 2007

OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! I want to HOLD HER!!!!!

I don't know who is more excited that the paper chain is dwindling...Hopie or Mama. I simply cannot wait to have them home.

Hope is showing the strain...she's not napping...she's irritable...she just wants her Daddy home. She says she wants her "baby sista" home too...we'll see how she feels after Claire has been home for awhile! ")

Her daily presents from Daddy and Claire have been a big hit. Every night, after she is asleep, I choose one from my secret stash and "hide" it somewhere in the house. She has an absolute blast each morning searching for her gift. She was explaining to me just how they get to her...

"Daddy makes them in China then Claire holds them. After Daddy wraps them he sends them down while I'm asleep so I can find them in the morning." have the innocence and faith of a three year old! I am beyond envious.

She also can't wait to see the pictures that Daddy emails, or Zhou posts, or Kristian posts. Come to think of it, neither can I. " )

Garry and Claire had a very productive Sunday. He said that he's almost finished with my list! What a MAN! It appears that both Zhou AND Garry were right about Sunday's itinerary...two day's activities were combined into one. They spent the morning at the art museum in Guangzhou. We visited there with Hope and really enjoyed it...the museum shops were good too. Our girls...well...let's just say we now have a picture of BOTH of them sleeping there. He said it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day with just the slightest breeze. While they were walking through one of the courtyards he heard sparrows. He immediately took out the video camera and took some video so I could hear one of my favorite sounds in the universe. Crying he is, stressed out of his mind, separated from his family, worried about baby number two...and he's still thinking of me. Is it any wonder why I love this man?

After the art museum they went to the jade market. None of the vendors were interested in bargaining. If you told them no to their first offer they ignored you. Hey, as far as Garry and I were concerned, who cares?! That place was SCARY! LOL I remember it as being dark and smoky and an old black and white movie about opium dens! ::shudder::

From the jade market they walked to the pearl market. NOW WE'RE TALKING! He did some serious damage there buying gifts for our girls and others. Then he tells me that he chose a strand and had them string a bracelet for Claire, a bracelet for Hope, and the remaining pearls into a bracelet for me. Crud...I guess I'm just going to keep crying during this post.

The group had lunch at Pizza Hut. Again, Garry and I wouldn't be caught dead near a Pizza Hut in the states, but in Guangzhou, it's good enough to roll in! LOL Kristian posted a picture of Garry and Claire at Pizza Hut. He looks so tired...I'm starting to worry.

After lunch, back on the bus and back to the hotel. Zhou told them he needed one member from each family to meet him for paperwork. Ok...what about Garry? He told him to put Claire to sleep in the stroller and bring her. That wasn't happening. Rick, like the sweet, sweet man that he is, came to Garry's room and sat with her while Garry was finishing paperwork. She's bonding with her Daddy so well! She wouldn't take her bottle from Rick...and when Garry returned she put her arms out to him to be picked up. Need more Kleenex!

While doing paperwork Garry was told that the forms the agency had told me to fill out two days before he left, were not needed. Garry kept asking Zhou, "Are you sure? They told me she HAD to fill these out and get them notarized." Zhou said, "Yes, sure! Garry, I do this all the time! I no make mistake!" After forms were passed out there was one rather long and complicated one...and Garry's was already filled out! He said, "Umm, Zhou? Mine's done." Zhou says, "I know. I feel sorry for you. I do it. I no know Melissa's maiden name. You do that."

For those of you who have never dealt with Zhou, he is the best. I would NEVER want to be in China without him. However...and you know the problems we've had with the agency...while the group was waiting for Zhou to join them, one of the fathers said, "We'd use this agency again just so we could have Zhou." Almost in unison, FOUR of the other families said, "He's good but that's not enough." Sad but true. I guess it's good to hear that it wasn't just us...but how sad that four out of seven families in one group had a horrible agency experience. And it was horrible...they shared their stories.

Tomorrow they have the entire day to themselves. Zhou has to go work his magic at the consulate and they have the day to bond...and shop!

More later!

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John and Kristian said...

Hey Mel! Garry is not looking too tired. He is doing great. If only all parents were as good at this as he! Wow, do I have some stories for you!!!! :)Kristian

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