Friday, December 01, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages...may I present our youngest daughter?

At this point we know very little other than she is just as beautiful as her older sister and we love them both more than we ever thought possible.

Name: Qian Li Lu

Born: March 16, 2006

Currently Residing: Qianjiang SWI in Qianjiang, China

And no...we don't have a single solitary clue as to when we are going to be able to bring her home. Remember...this process is FULL of waiting periods. We have already turned in our acceptance letter, her signed medical report, and our check for part of the travel expenses. We have done all we can. The rest of the group has to do the same. Then everything goes BACK to China where they do whatever they do! When they are finished they will send letters saying we are approved to travel to China to adopt a child. At this point we are scheduled for a consulate appointment in Guangzhou. Then we are notified of when we will be leaving, what day we will be holding Claire, the date of our consulate appointment, the day we will be flying home, AND the name and number of the travel agent who will book all of our flights. With Hope, we received her referral on November 17th (yes, both girls' referrals came in November!) and we didn't travel until January 25th. I am hoping and praying that the wait to travel is MUCH shorter this time but again, it isn't up to us! And let's not forget packing, more paperwork, visa's, meetings...did I mention some more paperwork?

We are incredibly giddy and extremely happy new parents!

And Hope? She has her own copy of the pictures that we were given. Last night Claire sat on her jie-jie's nightstand and watched her sleep. When she was first shown the picture she said, "That's the Claire *I* want!" Then she wanted to know if the toys came with her! LOL

Life is good...and we can't wait to bring her home.

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