Sunday, September 04, 2005

You'd think that after 42...and 1/2 years I would've learned by now that anything I perceived as being easy and simple would turn out to be exactly the opposite. Yeah, well...hope springs eternal. Let's call this post, "The Comedy Of Errors" or "The Mattress Warehouse Hidden Valley Is Now Closed".

In July I told you about ordering Hope's new bedroom furniture and Claire's nursery furniture. Early in August we got a call from Baby Tyme saying everything was in. We decided to leave Claire's furniture there until we are ready for it. That way we don't have to worry about where to put it while we are getting her room ready. We piled in the Jeep on a Saturday and headed for Hartville to pick up Hope's new bed and nightstand. wouldn't all fit in the Jeep. We took what we could and while Hope was napping, Garry drove back to Hartville and picked up the rest. After unloading it in the garage he drove to Medina to buy her a mattress and boxspring. He came home, unloaded those and we all took off for Kohl's to look for sheets, mattress pads, pillows, etc.

With the washing machine running at full capacity the next day laundering all of her new linens, Hope napped in her crib, blissfully unaware of the angst her parents were about to go through. After she woke up I moved the crib to the other side of her room so Garry could build her big girl bed where the crib used to be. We planned on leaving the crib in the room for awhile after she was in her new bed for security reasons. We had been preparing her for this for quite awhile so she was really ok with it!

Garry put the new bed together and right away we knew we were going to have problems. It was a platform bed, raised significantly higher off of the floor than a traditional bed, and doesn't require a boxspring. Garry put the new pillowtop mattress and boxspring in and my stress level just about shot out the top of my head. It seems soooo totally ridiculous in hindsight now but at the time all I could think about was how we had Hope so psyched up about this and it wasn't turning out perfectly. (Linda...stop laughing! I can hear you in *this* country!) The top of the mattress was only about two inches away from the top of the headboard. It reminded me of the story of The Princess & The Pea where the princess sleeps on a tower of mattresses. Garry removed the boxspring, leaving only the mattress which was just the perfect height. Great, right? NOT! The bedrails we had purchased will only work BETWEEN a mattress and boxspring. It was getting later and later, we hadn't had dinner yet, and Hope still didn't have a bed ready to sleep in. Feeling beaten and dejected (and I know Garry wasn't feeling the love either) I pulled the nasty old 1950's-60's mattress and boxspring off of the twin bed in "The Boys' Room". The room is set up as a guest room but since we never have guests, it's always been called The Boys' Room as the cats love the peace and quiet they can find there. They're going to have to find a new spot soon because it's going to turn into Claire's room!

Garry put those two horrid looking old things on our baby's new bed while I proceeded to spray Lysol all over them and set about putting her new linens on them. Gads...they looked AWFUL but they were the perfect height and the bedrails worked. She didn't seem to care that they were old and disgusting and that if Garry or I tried to sit on the bed with her she just about shot off the other side. She was so excited she couldn't go to sleep. She had a ball until around 11:00 when I couldn't take it anymore. I airlifted her out of the bed and put her in the crib...she was asleep within 15 minutes.

Her nap the next day was about the same...I gave up after an hour of happy chatter and put her in the crib. That night she slept in the bed! YAY! The next day's nap was just the same, but after that she has slept and slept well in her big girl bed.

Garry called the guy at Medina Mattress the next day and "explored his options". The guy is one of the nicest men you could ever hope to do business with. He genuinely cares and will do just about anything to work things out to your satisfaction. He told Garry to come in and take a look at what else he had, he could also order something else, and if all else failed he'd take everything back.

That next Saturday while Hope was napping Garry took another trip to Medina. He didn't find anything that would work and the only sets that were the right height were just newer cleaner versions of the yucky mattress/trampoline set that she was already using. The owner told Garry that Sealy makes a low-rise boxspring. They both looked all over the warehouse but he didn't have one in stock. He told Garry that he would order it for us, we could try it with the mattress we had purchased from him and see if that worked any better.

The next day Garry dismantled the crib while Hope and I watched from her big girl bed. It went very well until he actually started removing pieces of the crib from the room. She tried very hard not to cry, but in the end, there were tears. With tears streaming and bottom lip quivering she said, "Claire sleep in crib...Hopie sleep in big girl bed...when Claire done, Hopie sleep in crib again." It was HEARTBREAKING!

SO! Inside the guest/boys'/Claire's room we now have Hope's brand new pillowtop mattress and boxspring sitting on the nasty old metal bedframe, the crib and it's mattress, AND our old queensize mattress and boxspring that was waiting for disposal.

The next Saturday, another trip to Medina for Garry while Hope is napping. He came home with the smaller boxspring and ladies and gentlemen, we have a winning combination! The Sealy boxspring with the Serta pillowtop mattress works! YAY! Garry called Medina Mattress right away and let that wonderful man know how appreciative we were for all of his help. Then do you know what he offered to do? He said he would come over the next day after the store closed and get whatever we didn't want out of our way. He pulled in Sunday a little after 4 and took the unused Serta boxspring, the old nasty twin mattress and boxspring, AND our old queen set. As he was getting into the truck Garry was cleaning up a bunch of the plastic that the mattresses had been wrapped in and moving the old steel bed frame. The guy gets out of the truck and says, "You want me to take all of that too?" Medina Mattress in Medina Ohio people...the owner is a prince.

Enjoy your week!


pictureeachday said...

Oh how I WISH you had a photo of the first mattress/boxspring combination, because I was cracking up just reading it! That is some ridiculously amazing service. They must have serious customer loyalty.

Carolina said...

You crack me up!
big smile ;-)

Wordverification is Amishel (it wasn't an Amish style bed was it?)

Carolina said...

Is that Amish? Where they hang the chairs on the walls?

Carolina said...

I'm so tired, I can't think clearly ;-)

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