Saturday, May 27, 2006

One laid back Gus.
Announcing the latest addition to the family. Meet Capt. Augustus McCrae...known informally as Gus. He joined our family on April 19th and loooooves to relax! Anywhere from two to ten years old (we're thinking younger because when he plays he's INSANE!) he's very good with Hope and knows that when she comes running towards him he needs to get the heck out of the way...something little Horatio never learned. He and Humphrey get along in short supervised bursts but as Garry says, "Gus is just like a bear. If you run from him he's going to chase you." Chase Humphrey he does...and since Gus still has front claws Humphrey is getting plenty of exercise. Yet just yesterday they were sitting next to each other and looking out the back door. There is always hope! Gus is currently the star of the Kitten Krazy homepage and you can find a picture of him with Hope at the site under "Tails Of Success".

We received our package from Asia Threads last weekend. What an emotional roller coaster that was. To read about and to imagine where your daughter was found is one thing, to actually see a picture of it is another. Garry and I are both relieved that we didn't have a chance to visit her finding place because just seeing the pictures are grueling enough. The area is clean and busy. It is not that it is a horrible area that makes the pictures so rough to look at. It's the fact that we can't look at them without imagining our precious girl wrapped up and lying in front of the gates of the elementary school. I will not be posting these pictures here or anywhere else. When Hope is old enough to understand, if she wants to share them, then that will be her decision. We also received pictures of the orphanage where she was placed, the police station she was taken to, the city of Anqing, and the city of Hefei. When we joined this project we provided a letter and several pictures of Hope that would be translated and given to the orphanage. In one of the pictures we received, an orphanage worker is looking at the pictures that the parents had sent and there are our Hope's pictures, front and center. What a wonderful surprise!

Those who received their referrals in late April are leaving for China on the 31st! Congrats to them and to those who just received their referrals this week. We're getting there...we're getting there!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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