Friday, October 02, 2009

Calgon...Take Me Away

Bath night...a derogatory term growing up...not really something I looked forward to as a kid. But hey...times have changed.

We moved into this house in September of 2002. I was thrilled to have a whirlpool tub for the first time in my life! I used it twice in six years. It took too long...I'd rather take a shower...I had to clean the tub...the list was endless. Then...last May...suddenly the thought of spending time in that tub became highly desirable. I'd find myself getting stressed out and proclaiming, "Calgon...take me away..." Ok...fess up...who's old enough to remember that one?

I think I partook of my guilty pleasure once a month...and I felt scandalous. I mean, I had things I was supposed to be doing and here I was just laying around in this bathtub. I took grief from more than one person. My favorite comment came from another Mel who said, "What is WRONG with you? We check into a HOTEL just so we can use those tubs!" So I started taking a soak every Friday...candles...soft Ahhh...bliss...

However, as with my music, when the bottom fell out, my soaks didn't help...they hurt. I didn't want to be alone in my tub. If I had to hazard a guess I would say it was because I was forced to be alone with some very dark thoughts and I wasn't ready to face them. During this time I discovered a fabulous smelling body lotion put out by Bath & Body Works. Black Raspberry Vanilla soon became my comfort scent of choice. One evening, after my shower as I was indulging in said deliciously smelling lotion my tub started calling to me again. I believe it's exact words were, "I'll bet that comes in bubble bath too!" It was right.

Friday nights have become the highlight of my week. After I sing to the girls and tuck them in I barricade myself in the master bath with a veritable feast of delights for my weary soul. That truly is my tub at the top of the post...and my candles...and those bubbles? raspberry vanilla...oh I can almost smell them now...

What you can't see in that picture is my laptop. Yes, we all know I'm obsessed with my goes everywhere with me...even on vacation. Leave me alone...I could have worse vices. Most bath nights I've got one of my playlists from cranked as loudly as I think I can get away with without waking the girls.

Lately I find myself taking an inordinate amount of pleasure from 3 Doors Down. These guys are PHENOMENAL. Their lyrics are p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n. If I didn't know better I'd think they were following Rick Springfield...following me around...making money off of writing about my life. The CD above, Away From The Sun is my current favorite. Just about every song on it has my undivided attention. I'm thinking it may be a good choice for tonight's bath night. However, I just hot little laptop also plays DVD's. I could watch a movie...or an episode of thirtysomething...or boomtown. But wait...I could go online and watch last night's episode of Fringe while I'm soaking in my own private little heaven! Be still my foolish, foolish heart!

Last Friday's soak was especially gratifying. It was the first I was allowed to take since getting my tattoo. I actually experienced that one without the soft lights...simply by candlelight alone. The only problem was after three weeks away from my haven, I'd lost the rather delicate skill of mixing the perfect water temperature. I ended up getting way too warm and had to cut my quiet time short. Tonight, I'm going to remedy that by taking another comfort with me...a frosty, cold bottle of T42 Peach tea. No...none of these companies are paying me to spotlight their products. But I am open to all offers.

Frankly, I'm at a loss as to what could make these at least an hour long mini-vacations be any better. Oh about a piece of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory?

Still better? How about a pair of broad shoulders to feed it to me?  Ok...I'll stop there. You get the idea. It's my escape into decadence one night a week.

Be blessed y'all...until next time,


Carolina said...

Hehehe, you are following ME around, with Rick Springfield and Three Doors Down right behind you. No, not really, it's just...when we moved into this house about 11 years ago, we had a new bathroom installed, with a whirlpool tub! I was so excited. Three times I soaked myself in the bubbles. I discovered that I prefer showers too. I got so bored in the bath. Reading wasn't an option, I manage to get everything within a ridiculous radius wet, no music...bored bored bored. Sooooo, when we had the new bathroom installed at the beginning of this year, we opted for the insane luxury of an inbuilt TV at one end of the bathtub. I can splash around all I want, it is waterproof. I can even drop the remote control in the water. It's waterproof too. I'm in heaven once a week! If there is something interesting on TV I fill the bathtub, turn the lights down low and bubble away.
Do you think they sell the Black Raspberry Vanilla bubble bath in the Netherlands? It sounds very tempting ;-)

Mel said... haven't seen me hiding in the bushes? With RS and 3DD? We've been trying to be verrrrry quiet! Ohhh...I am SO envious of your built in TV!!! Do try the bubble bath if you can find it...and next week? I'm taking peanut butter M&M's with me! :)

Carolina said...

Peanut butter M&M's??? I feel like we live in the dark ages here. I know the peanut filled M&M's (yummy, but I'm not buying them anymore, can't stop myself eating them), but peanut butter M&M's are new to me. Never seen them here. And if I had, I wouldn't take them with me when taking a bath. They would end up in the water (I'm clumsy) and I don't fancy bathing in peanut butter. I haven't been able to find a retailer who sells Bath&Body Works over here, but I'll try to find something nice by Rituals or perhaps the Body Shop.

Say hi to the guys for me. I've never noticed you all hiding in the bushes. Great job!

Mel said...

Carolina...behold the wonder of the many types of M&M's!

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