Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Greetings from Hageman Healthcare and Feline Pharmacy. Life does tend to get in the way whenever I try to sit down and type an update for y'all.

A month or so ago on one of my many stops to our local pharmacy I made this comment to our pharmacist, "I need just ONE more pill, liquid, or cream to administer every day and then I will officially be getting nothing done." I will NEVER make that statement again. SEVERAL pills, liquids, and creams later I have a daily calendar I have to look at to see who gets what and when! LOL Again, nothing is truly serious and soon a couple members of Hageman Healthcare will be rotating out of several of their meds. We are all just trying to smile and keep positive attitudes while we work through the junk! Thanks to everyone who has prayed and asked about our Horatio. For those of you who don't know about our mystery miracle kitty, he has a seizure disorder of unknown cause. He has WONDERFUL doctors who have him on great drugs that keep things settled down or most times, dare I whisper...normal! He's been having some problems with dosages and when we play with dosages the seizures return. He's been seizure free for several days and things seem to be returning to blessed normal.

How's about an update on Hope's passport? After waiting the full six weeks and a few days longer, Garry called the terrific ladies at our local title bureau and asked them for some help. Apparently we've been *the* topic of conversation for those full six weeks and a few days. The woman who answered the phone transferred him to the lady who had helped us fill out the papers. She first told him not to worry and then told him that she had thought about calling us and asking us if we had received Hope's passport but didn't want to intrude. Do you know where passport applications are sent to? New Orleans. Do you know when Hope's was sent? The week of Hurricane Katrina. Garry was given a toll free number to call to check on the status of her passport. ALL of her important papers made it safely OUT of New Orleans and were sent to Charleston, where at the time of the phone call her passport was being worked on. The woman he spoke to assured him that they were in possession of all of her documents and that they would all be returned with the new passport. She was correct. We have everything back in our hot little hands and I've thanked God repeatedly. This whole thing has served to put things into some form of perspective for me too. You know, there are people in New Orleans who have lost EVERYTHING and I'm worried about some silly papers that we have copies of and yes, it would be a huge hassle to file for new ones, but we would eventually get them. Life's too short...no more worrying over paperwork.

Still no official LID to report. We've asked the only two people we know of to ask. One didn't know and the other ignored the question! LOL Garry did speak to Chris at the agency last week and she said things are tracking normally and that we should expect our first pictures of Claire in February! YAY!

Enjoy your week and hugs to y'all!

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