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50 Things I Want...Errr...Wanted

This piece was originally published at "The Whinging Hormone" on July 24, 2008. I've been going through my old blog and enjoying some of the madness that I shared there. I found this post to be highly entertaining as well as thought provoking...seeing things I had listed well over a year ago that I thought I wanted. I honestly believe this to be a valid exercise. I know...could you just die? The girl who liked to make her ex-shrink cry? and learn. I plan on sitting down this weekend and updating my list for the next year!

Any new bits of wisdom will be shown in italics.

50 Things I Want

Jennifer lifted this idea from someone else's blog...I'm lifting it from hers. Apparently this unknown person was seeing a life coach who had her make a list of fifty things she wanted "ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary." I think my wahine's list is probably better than "someone else's"...and it goes without saying that hers is better than mine...most of her wants are actually attainable.

1. I want to be a good mother to my kids.
2. I want a Pizzeria Uno to be within driving distance of my house. (Ok so within an HOUR'S driving distance of my house)
3. I want to be excited about God...again.
4. I want ice cream to be calorie free.
5. I want my mother to move to another planet where all communication systems are non-functioning. (Yeah...still.)
6. I want my children to be untouched by prejudice.
7. I want to be in a Toby Keith video.
8. I want thirtysomething to come out on DVD. (It finally did! After 20 years! Guess who owns the first season?)
9. I want to start creating again.
10. I want a bigger flair board.
11. I want to be backstage during a Rick Springfield concert.
12. I want life to be simple.
13. I want my hormones to go bother somebody else. (A-freakin'-men sister)
14. I want to reunite all the fractured pieces of my personality. (done)
15. I want to be less needy. (Apparently nobody else sees me as needy so I'll change this to I want to stop seeing myself as's that?)
16. I want to be NICE. (No I don't. I just want to be Mel...whatever that means at any given moment...I just want to be Mel.)
17. I want my girls to find GOOD men...or spend the rest of their lives with.
18. I want a nap.
19. I want D' there's a shocker. (Strangely enough...I don't. After 22 years...just..gone.)
20. I want to live in Williamsburg. (not so much...)
21. I want my girls to be everything I'm not.
22. I want to finish my landscaping. (::sigh:: still...)
23. I want to clean out my basement. (I've got that started!)
24. I want to sing. (I do...every single day.)
25. I want my former students to be untouched by my insanity. (Actually I've given this one up too. Now I just EMBRACE insanity WITH my former students.)
26. I want my cholesterol to be perfect...and not have to exercise and eat right.
27. I want to ride The Tower Of Terror...again.
28. I want The Twang CD. (I got it last year for my birthday.)
29. I want MORE of The Lonesome Dove saga.
30. I want a stack of $100's about 7 feet tall.
31. I want my girls to grow into strong, confident, kick ass women.
32. I want to go on vacation.
33. I want to visit Claire's SWI.
34. I want to take Hope back to her CWI and introduce her to Mme. Xu.
35. I want to make Claire's lifebook.
36. I want BBC America to run ALL of Cold Feet in order.
37. I want any channel that I can pick up to carry EastEnders...from the BEGINNING.
38. I want sunscreen and pelvic exams to be optional. (Yep...I'm still hoping for this one.)
39. I want Garry to have a job that makes him happy. (I think we may be getting closer to this one.)
40. I want my perfect eyesight back. (yes please)
41. I want to sit next to Hugh Laurie on a piano bench while he plays, "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve."
42. I want to see Epcot's Illuminations...every night...
43. I want to NOT be petrified about Hope starting school. (We'll see how next year goes.)
44. I want to finish my Christmas shopping early this year. (I did better than usual.)
45. I want to pay off my credit card. (didn't happen)
46. I want to get in my car and just drive... (been there...done that...)
47. I want people to stop asking me stupid questions at the grocery store. (That one has taken care of itself as well. WOOT!)
48. I want to stop being passive aggressive. (That was an easy I'm just actively aggressive.)
49. I want to take BOTH of my girls to Disney World.
50. I want a new computer. (Got it!)

So there you go...from sublime.

Until next time y'all,

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Kat said...

That is a fun list. And I want a nap too! ;)

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