Friday, October 30, 2009


Words I'm Tired Of Hearing
  1. breast MRI
  2. CT Scan
  3. mammogram
  4. ultrasound
  5. needle aspiration
  6. MRI guided biopsy
  7. MRI guided needle placement
  8. surgical biopsy
  9. breast surgeon
  10. BSE
  11. vigilance
  12. Tamoxifen
  13. Evista
  14. hospital
  15. atypical hyperplasia
  16. unidentified mass
  17. fibrocystic breast condition
  18. simple cyst
  19. lump
  20. We'll call you with your results.

Words That Hold No Power Unless I Give It To Them

  1. See above list

Words I Owe My Life To

  1. See above list...Numbers 1-14

Words That Break My Heart

  1. Daddy? Is Mama coming home?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Educate yourself; remember a fighter; hug a survivor; walk for the cure; donate your time, money, and talent; and for the love of God, stop being SCARED of it. Learn how to perform a BSE correctly and frisk 'em once a month. Take back your control and FIGHT!!!

It's YOUR life...don't let WORDS stop you from living it.

The t-shirt at the top of this post is available for purchase HERE along with many other great items. Please drop by and consider supporting this amazing cause!


Carol said...


Mel said...

Right back 'atcha my friend. :)

Carol said...

Thank you! Say some prayers, please. We called in hospice yesterday. It's awful. And I have 8 more shows. calgon.....................

Mel said...

Carol, whatever you need it's yours. Sending them up right now. xo

Carolina said...

Love you!

Mel said...

I know! ;)

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