Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday---Z Is For Zhu Han Tao

ABC Wednesday is hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt's Place.

And there *she* is! Zhu Han Tao. One of three tiny referral pictures we had waited what seems like a lifetime for. Do you not LOVE the hair? I've always wanted a buzz cut...only red of course...instead I got a daughter with one. And oh, skipping ahead several months from receiving this picture...that hair was so coarse...smelled so good...gave me and continues to give me such peace.

I don't have any real memory of opening Zhu Han Tao's referral packet...nor seeing her pictures for the first time. I do remember going into shock and blanking out for at least 24 hours. I remember making copies of her pictures and delivering them to our friends Carol and Tom, my brother, and my mother. The next day I remember going out and buying a frame for this shot and putting it on our coffee table. Later that night? I couldn't look at that picture without baby had a baby was baby was alive, and breathing, and eating, and sleeping, and thriving not just inside my heart...but somewhere in the Anqing.

And this day...Hope, the former Zhu Han Tao is now six years old...Claire, the former Qian Li Lu is three...I look at them and cannot believe that they are really here...that they are mine. That an amazing series of events involving parents, a set of birth parents half way around the world, an adoption agency, two governments, more paperwork than you could ever imagine, several dozen government agencies both state and federal, a loving orphanage staff, and literally hundreds of other people from all over the world...brought these two precious souls...home.

Be blessed y'all

It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of ABC Wednesday Round 4!


Kat said...

It is just such a miracle. Those children were destined to be yours. How else would it all have worked out the way it did. It is really miraculous. :)

Carolina said...

Hi Mel,
such a sweet little face. And I always have the urge to stroke hair like that. Even if it's a complete stranger. Fortunately I have some self-restraint ;-)
You have two great little daughters.

Hugs x

Carol said...

Wow! Talk about love all tucked-into one priceless photo. breathtaking~

Mel said... is amazing isn't it? Can't WAIT to see pictures of your long awaited baby girl!

Carolina...I love you tons and bunches. I have no restraint...I still reach out and touch complete strangers. ;)

Carol...I know...I still get teary when I look at the girls' referral pictures.

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