Sunday, May 10, 2009

And Now For Something Totally Different...

A friend of mine has recently filmed a documentary about an organization that he believes passionately in, called Round Table. This link will take you to their website in the UK. From there you can read all about their activities and find links to their other chapters. Please take a moment to read Andrew's words, watch his film, and consider if this is something you would be interested in as well. Feel free to send the links on to anyone else you feel might be interested!

Thanks! Be blessed y'all! ")

This link is for Facebook members only.
These links should work for everyone!

This is a promotional video for the organisation Round Table, a fundraising organisation with an unfortunately dwindling membership. These guys give their time to raise money for good causes and the loss of this organisation would be a blow too many charitable organisations which rely on them to raise funds.


Carolina said...

I'm not a Facebook member, can't watch the video.

Hubs used to be a member of a similar organisation (can't for the life of me remember it's name now, need coffee first). We were balloted (is that the term?) to see if we were suitable for hím to join the organisation. We passed and he received his green bowtie to wear to official gatherings.
Not really our thing. More of a 'look at me, I'm a do-gooder', than a true charitable atmosphere.
So when we moved to another area it was a good excuse for him to leave the club.

But hey, please support the true charitable people and organisations in the world.


Carolina said...

Oh Mel, I'm guessing that you will like this blog

It's a great laugh ;-)

Chris said...

Hi Mel!

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of blogland. If you liked "Mine's Was the Book", you might also enjoy these others. Kind of a "Greatest Hits" collection from my experiences in the classroom and school office. Enjoy!

Chris said...

And while we're chatting here, how did you do that signature thing at the end of your posts? Feel free to email me at I've been trying to figure that out for days.

Mel said...

Carolina---I checked with Andrew and he said you have to be a facebook member to see it. He also said it's too big for youtube. I'll let you know if he every puts it up somewhere else! And THANK you for sending me to Chris' blog. When I was LIVING those stories they weren't so sides ache!

Chris---You rock out loud. I LOVE your little slice of blogland. And hey...nice new sig by the way! ")

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