Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ABC Wednesday---Q Is For Qian Li Lu

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There she is. The one we waited for well, what seems like forever. This is one of the first pictures we had of our Claire. I cannot even BEGIN to put into the words the emotions that come flooding back when I look at this tiny, smiling little creature! I mean...LOOK AT HER! Could you just eat her up?

Actually I remember my first words when Garry finally came bursting through the door holding her referral packet. He handed it to me and I tore into that envelope with gusto...hands...and let's face it...entire being trembling with three years worth of waiting and anticipation. I pulled out the papers glanced at her name and said, "Garry...her name is Li Lu! Can you believe it? Her name is Li Lu!" Then...I saw the pictures...there were three of them. My brain shut down...my heart exploded...and my mouth started spewing forth silliness. I said...are you ready? And I believe this was the exact order the thoughts spilled out:

"She looks like a monkey!"

"She looks like a fetus!"

"Oh God Garry! She's BEAUTIFUL!"

Yeah...me...emotional...go figure.

At this point in her life she knew nothing about having a Mama...or a Daddy...or a Hopie. Her life was what went on at the Qianjiang Social Welfare Institute in Qianjiang, Chongqing, People's Republic of China. Her name then, was Qian Li Lu.

After reading my "L" post...can you even begin to fathom God's sense of humor...sending us a baby named Li Lu? ")

That smile...it's still there...and it's just as infectious as her ornery little giggle. I look at this child...MY child...and I see myself staring back at me. It's bizarre. I can't tell you how many people have commented that Hope looks like Garry and Claire looks like me. I see it...I truly do. Hope has SO many of Garry's facial expressions...and Claire? I don't know what it is about her that reminds me of me. Maybe the fact that she's a "spicy girl". Remember...girls from Chongqing are Spicy Girls...they like spicy food...they have spicy tempers...you get the idea. And we do share a temper. Red...hot...from zero to full blown in less than a nanosecond. It could also be our shared bullheadedness. And no...we're not stubborn...nor are we tenacious...we are quite simply bullheaded. Possibly it's the way she seems to feel things more deeply than her sister does. Poor Daddy...now he's got two empaths. Or maybe it's watching her get lost in her imagination...creating something out of nothing...and reveling in the joy that brings.

And yet, in all the ways we are alike, she is very definitely her own little person. She has no desire whatsoever to live in her head like her Mama does. This kid wants to grab life by the horns...live each and every moment to its fullest...experience EVERYTHING. Her Mama is sooo envious of that trait...maybe Mama can start taking some lessons from the former Qian Li Lu.

As always y'all...be blessed.


pictureeachday said...

Aww, you had such a perfect ready-made 'Q'! That picture is precious!! Is it one of the ones that was in the packet, or did you guys take it? And it is SO cool that her name was Li Lu :D

Carolina said...

Oh Mel, I followed your link to the Lilo story (can't believe I missed that!) and it was so touching. Gosh, can you believe how much Li Lu looked like Lilo in that big red dress? So sweet. A great Q-post indeed.

And I like your new picture ;-)

mrsnesbitt said...

Your daughters are indeed so beautiful. Loved this post. Thanks so much for taking the time to participate in ABC Wednesday.


Mara said...

What a lovely little girl. And what a fantastic story. A very well chosen Q!

Mel said...

pictureeachday---That is one of Claire's referral pictures. She was around 6 months old then I think. She joined us when she was 10 months old. We actually have this one framed and in the family room...I LOVE that little grin! AND I have it so easy...Claire's Chinese name starts with Q...and Hope's with Z! ")

Carolina---I think you were out on "maternity leave" when I did my Lilo post. ; )

mrsnesbitt and Mara---a million thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words...and mrsnesbitt? Another BIG thanks for hosting ABC Wednesday...I'm addicted!

Carol said...

What a perfect Q...and what a gift little Claire is...so innocent and beautiful...

Mel said...

Thanks Carol...we think we'll keep her. ;)

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