Monday, September 01, 2008

So I guess you can see by the graphic that Hope's first two days went VERY well. ") I can't say that I was really surprised. She's loved school from the first morning we left her at Sunday School. The fact that she *now* gets to ride the school bus? Well...let's just say that's the icing on the cake.

The entire family walked her out to the bus stop last week after the usual round of "First Day Of School" photo ops. Daddy had the video camera on hand as well. Possibly the coolest part of the whole morning...for me anyway...was the fact that ALL of the children at the bus stop, including Claire, had Asian eyes. I don't know if Hope even noticed or not, or took any comfort from it, but I know her Mama sure did.

We had been told that the bus would more than likely be late the first couple of weeks. It was only about ten minutes late that first morning...not that I would've noticed...remember...I didn't want her to go! ") It was such a gray and cool and rainy morning...but Hope was all smiles...she was going to KINDERGARTEN! (The day before I heard her telling Claire, "Now tomorrow morning you can play with the Little People because I'm not going to be here. I'll probably be at Kindergarten.") Sooo...the bus pulled up and she was off like a shot before it even stopped. We didn't get a hug or a kiss or even so much as a wave good-bye! Her bus driver seemed extremely nice. She helped Hope up the stairs, turned her around, and told her to smile at me so I could take her picture. After showing Hope where to sit (in one of the three seats right behind her!), the door closed and the bus roared away with my baby inside. THAT'S when I cried...not a lot...because the bus stopped abruptly about two houses away for no apparent reason and put its hazard lights on. Did I freak? Only a little...I didn't run screaming down the street after it...nor was Garry restraining me from doing so! Whatever the problem may have been was quickly taken care of and their route resumed. Speaking of their route, it is set up in such a way that anywhere from 3-5 minutes after the bus picks up the kids at the bus stop it goes past our house again. So Garry, Claire and I walked home and waited in front of the garage to wave at Hope when she went by. We waved...I don't know if she did or not...we couldn't see her!

Claire was not at all happy that "Hopa" wasn't home. Once she stopped clinging to me and whining all I heard about for the rest of the morning was, "Hopa school!" or "Hopa bus!" or "Hopa HOME!" Finally it was time to go outside and wait for the bus to drop "Hopa" off. Again, we had been reminded that the Kindergarten bus...the one bringing them home in the afternoon...would probably be VERY it wasn't like we weren't prepared. I was still out there ten minutes before she normally would've been due home! I called Garry at work so he could "wait" with us. We waited...and waited...and waited...and waited some more. I kept handing Claire books and toys but after a good half an hour she had had more than enough. Every vehicle that went it car, truck, van, SUV, bicycle, or airplane..."HOPA!!!! HOME!!!" About forty minutes after the time she is supposed to be home the bus pulled up in front of our driveway. Another wonderful woman helped her down from the bus and walked her across the street. My joy was only slightly less than when Mme. Xu handed her to me for the first time back in Hefei. I gave her the phone and the first thing she said was, "Daddy! I LOVE Kindergarten!" Then of course the usual...her favorite thing is recess...and are you ready? She told us that she chose to sit at a table with three boys. ::sigh:: Garry thinks "it's" starting already. Me? I think she's going to be just like her Mama and will have more guy friends than girls. doesn't matter...she was safe home, she was happy, and she couldn't wait to go back the next day.

Now...when we got in the house and she was changing into her play clothes? *THAT'S* when Mama broke down and lost it. She looked at me with this "wise beyond her years" expression...put her hands on her hips and said, "Mama? Are those *happy* tears?" Yes baby...they are.

The next day she was up and ready to go! She told me that it's ok if I want to stand with her at the bus stop until she's ready for first grade. ; ) Again, she was ready to jump on the bus as soon as it pulled up. On the bus' second pass? It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. There was Hope's precious little face, pressed up against the window, grinning from ear to ear, and waving her arm off until the bus disappeared up the street. My kid is AWESOME!

Wow...just to be READ by David is an honor...but to be mentioned as a contender for his Post of the Day? I am truly humbled! Many thanks David


Stacey Kannenberg said...

Happy Kindergarten!! Tomorrow is the start of 4th and 2nd grade! Where did the summer go?

Carol said...

Well....she has two 'awesome' parents and an 'awesome' little it's not at all surprising!

Mel....this story was just heart-warming. I hope you copy it and paste it into her baby book! It's a you!


Carol said...

Okay Mel. It's the 15th. How are your babies doing with school and mommy??

david mcmahon said...

I went to boarding school - and loved it.

(Came here from Carol's blog.)

Merisi said...

i came over here from David's Authorblog, congratulations on winning his "Post of the Day" award!

Congratulations also on your kindergartener, it's so rewarding when they enter school, and love it! Happy school years to come!

Moannie said...

Lovely lovely post. Here from David's POTD and well deserved.

So poignant, that first day; if they cry you are torn,what if they cry all day, if they are happy you are torn.

Moannie said...

poignant post. well done.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your Post of the Day award from David's Authorblog, Mel!!

Sandi McBride said...

What a blessing to have children who love school! Congratulations on the POTD mention at David's!

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