Friday, November 30, 2007

Where does the time go? It was exactly one year ago today that we laid eyes on our precious Claire for the first time. I just reread my entry from that seems like yesterday but it also seems like a million years ago. I remember so vividly the day before decorating the Christmas tree and putting on the ornament we bought while we were waiting for Hope. It was/is a blown glass cigar with the words "It's A Girl!" on it. I put it near the top of the tree and just sobbed thinking there was absolutely no way I could go through yet another Christmas without my baby or without any INFORMATION about my baby. The next day? We had her pictures and her file.

Today she was doing slow little circles around the tree...taking in each and every ornament...getting down on her tiny hands and knees to look underneath it...and making the most delightful sounding little squeals! We are soooo very blessed.

To Cheri and Shane...GIANT CONGRATS! These folks had their documents logged in three months after ours in December 2005. They FINALLY received their referral earlier this month and are LEAVING FOR CHINA ON DECEMBER 9TH!!!! They will be home with their long awaited baby Hope FIVE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! So their little Hopie and our Claire will BOTH be celebrating their first Christmases with their forever families in 2007. Please visit Cheri's blog and wish them the best...and take a look at JUST how much Hope looks like her Daddy! ")

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