Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates...however we've...and I say "we've" like I have anything to do with it other than worry...we've had a sick baby.

I guess all of the girls have colds to some degree and Claire had the unknown rash on her back. Dr. John (thank you so very much from the bottom of my nervous Mama heart) checked her out on their Tuesday morning. She had been coughing so hard that she was throwing up...a lot. Dr. John said that she felt a little warm, she was NOT dehydrated, he felt it was just a snotty nose, and the rash, well, he said it looked more like impetego but since she had been in an institution to go ahead and use the scabies cream that Garry had brought. In Garry's words? "She's just like you! She coughs and then she throws up!" Awww...she really *is* my baby! LOL

Garry also said that he felt incredibly sorry for the maid who had to come in and strip every single piece of linen from the room covered in baby puke.

Their Tuesday was pretty laid back. I think he called me a half a dozen times. By the last call we were all feeling better. She was coughing less, keeping the Tylenol down, keeping her bottle down for longer and longer amounts of time, and sleeping more. Thank you God. Before he told me goodnight he told me what they were going to do on Wednesday...yes, they've already HAD their Wednesday. Again, in his words, "We're going to go puke on the pandas!" ROTFL!!!

He said the trip to the zoo went VERY well. She didn't puke on the pandas, but she did "spit up" a little. Hey, this is the first time he's used that term. I'm thinking we've turned the corner.

Also, at least two of the other girls have started the severe coughing/throwing up cycle and two more have presented with "The Rash". Dr. John has recommended that they all go through the two treatments of scabies cream and that if there is any left, the parents should use it as well before going home.

There is also a sign posted in the hotel lobby that Internet usage may be limited or down due to the earthquake in Taiwan. I know Garry told me this morning that he had sent me an email which I've yet to receive. He said that Kristian was complaining about not being able to post pictures as well.

The gal who lost her passport, I believe has her temporary visa. She can't travel to Guangzhou without it. As for the passport, I'm guessing that's being taken care of as well.

So what's Claire like? Through it all she's always smiling! He said the only time she's screaming or upset is when he tries to wipe her nose, or bathe her! Hey, *that's* normal, right? She doesn't have a clue yet about solid food or eating from a spoon...again...just like Hope. She's got the two bottom teeth, one coming through on the top, and ANOTHER top one appearing just below the surface. So on top of being sick and having a new Daddy, she's teething. Several of the other families have commented on what a great personality she has. Sorry to keep saying this...we heard the same about Hopie! I don't think it's anything *we* did, I just think we've been blessed beyond measure. Sandy! Remember how Garry kept calling Alice "Baby Alice with Kung-Fu Grip"? Well, Claire has apparently inherited her Kung-Fu grip. He said even Zhou has commented on how strong she is.

Garry played the DVD for her that Hope and I made. He said she sits perfectly still and watches while I sing to her, but as soon as Hopie comes on she tries to grab the camera. How perfect! She's already going after her sister! This morning he told me that he had given her the book with all of our pictures in it. He says that every time he tries to turn the page away from my picture, she turns it back...and pats my face. Oh crud...I really was fine until I typed that!

He holds the phone to her ear and I talk to her. I know very little Mandarin, but what I do know, I use with her. He said that she was trying to kiss the mouthpiece just like she gives him kisses. How awesome is that? They've been together for three days and she's already giving Daddy kisses!

The move I personally can't wait to witness is the head-bob. He says she's got this emphatic up and down "yes" deal. One is very slow and serious, and the other is two very short yet firm up and downs. He said if you watch the Chinese, it's how they greet each other. In any case it sounds too cute for words.

Thanks to Rick for watching her so Daddy can partake of the breakfast buffet without a baby on his hip. And I *know* he would without complaining, but it's just nice that Rick is there to help too! I'm not sure I could balance a plate and fill it AND hold a baby...but I'm willing to try!

The grandmother who is traveling with the family from Tennessee picked Claire up. She said she couldn't help herself! I completely understand...I can't wait to get my hands on her either. Garry reminded her of my "No women get to hold her rule"! LOL

I guess my shopping list is a big hit too. At least one family has asked if they can have a copy! LOLOLOLOLOL

Well, it is time to feed jie-jie! Thanks to all for your prayers, emails, and support through this entire journey.

Later y'all! ")

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