Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ohhhh...the cockeyed, whirling, jumble that is this entire process just continues!

Word has it that our TA's are in hand at the agency. This information came into *my* hot little hands just before noon. Has anyone from THE AGENCY called? Heavens no! If they didn't call when they received our referral, why would they call when our TA arrived? Which, by the way, Garry asked why we weren't called about our referral. Are you ready? "I already knew you were coming in to take a picture of the wall after work. It was one less call I needed to make."

SO! The phone rings about ten minutes ago and it's Gateway Travel...the travel agency that books all of our agency's flights. Bless her heart...she said her name is "Carol". I would bet you everything I've got that that is not her birth name. Her given name is probably something closer to Hua Mei or Ming Na. And I am *not* a racist! I'm simply pointing out that she had a VERY pronounced Chinese accent. Hey, when we went through this before, our agent's name was "Marvin". You guessed it...I had a really hard time understanding him too.

Anyway...Carol calls here and wants to talk to Garry. I ask if I can take a message, she gives me her phone number and starts to hang up. I say, "And this is about?" She says, "Your trip to China!" I immediately gave her Garry's cell phone number and told her to call him. She wanted to know if we were both going. I told her no, just him. Then she wants to know if he wants "extra seat for baby on flight home". Again I told her, "Call Garry. He's the one who's going. He's the one who knows the answers to your questions."

About five minutes after I hang up with Carol, Garry calls me. *HE* hasn't heard anything from THE AGENCY yet but Carol has called him. So...he asks Carol, "So what date is it that we are supposed to be leaving on?" She says, in a rather exasperated tone, "Well the 18th!"

At this point, Garry and I are laughing so hard that there isn't a single sound escaping from our lungs. How par for the course *is* this latest development? we *may* have TA but we don't know...and he *may* be leaving on the 18th...but again...we don't know.

Am I excited? No. Am I mad? No. I believe the only word that describes it is numb. I refuse to get excited or upset or depressed or joyous until my youngest daughter is physically *in* my arms. I will tell you this, our family can't take much more of this. We are holding onto our sanity by our cuticles.

God bless each and every one of you out there that continue to wait for your chosen child. Our hearts and prayers are with you!

UPDATE: Garry just called again after getting off the phone with someone at the agency. I can't remember if he said that they called him or vice versa. At any rate, they do have TA's and they have been faxed to the consulate. They are expecting/hoping/predicting/WA guessing that our consulate appointment date will be faxed back to them overnight. Everyone is hoping for a departure on the 18th...if not they are looking at the 25th. Told you...God's sense of humor times 10.

Emotions are getting through. Mostly fear...lots of tears...and just afraid to hope.

UPDATE #2: Technically, this is an update on the update! The agency never did call about our TA. Garry is the one who called them. ::sigh:: I cannot WAIT to get off Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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~elise said...

You are just on a crazy ride! I can't believe it! well, anyways, BEST WISHES on speedy and safe travel!!! Can't wait to hear more about baby...and see a photo of her in your arms soons!


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