Tuesday, December 05, 2006

All right...I have calmed down considerably and will now attempt to tell you about the latest chapter in "Our I171H---Part Two---The Terror Continues". I also liked "Electric Boogaloo" but "The Terror Continues" was a more appropriate title for the sequel.

Let's start with yesterday. The person at our agency who was supposed to call Garry...didn't. He spent most of his day leaving messages on numerous agency employees' voicemail. None of them called him back either. He was set to start dialing again today when the first person he called, called me! Of course, I was on my way out the door to pick up Hope from preschool at the time...and all of the messages that we left said to call Garry on his cell...and our file states that Garry's cell is our main contact number...sorry...slipped into another rant...

So she calls and tells me that Garry has left several messages on her voicemail asking about the length of the wait for the I171H from Cleveland USCIS. My mind snapped...actually heard it break...much like a dry twig used for kindling. As nicely as I could I told her that was NOT what we were asking. I told her that USCIS doesn't have our home study. "Yes they do." Ummm...noooo...they sent us a letter on Friday saying they couldn't process our request because they don't have our home study. "They have it." At this point, you want to know what I'm hearing in my head? Raucous cackling followed by a singsong voice saying, "We've got your baby and you're not going to get her" over and over and over. She said ALL of their families are receiving this letter and all she can do is put me on a list...and on...and on... I asked her if she would please call Garry on his cell because I had to go pick up Hope. She apologized, said she would call, checked the number, I hung up and shook all the way to preschool.

On the way home we stopped to share Claire's pictures with a friend who happens to be one of the sweetest women God has ever placed on this Earth. Hey, I needed to absorb some of her positive energy before I went back home to deal with the dark side again.

We got home about an hour after our agency called me. I called Garry and said, "So what's going on?" He didn't have a clue. No one had called him. I explained to him what had happened and he said he was going to call THEM as soon as we hung up.

About 20 minutes later he called back. Six of our agency's families who are trying to renew their I171H documents received a letter from Cleveland USCIS saying they had not received their home studies. The person who spoke with me was currently on the phone with someone AT Cleveland USCIS. This person assured her that the USCIS had EVERYONE'S home studies AND everything else they needed from the six families.

Garry was told, "It's like they are targeting this agency!" You know what? Go ahead and insert your own sarcastic remark here because my friends, this is just tooooo easy.

We were also given a piece of information that made us smile even more than knowing the USCIS had our papers. EVERYONE IN OUR GROUP HAS RETURNED THEIR ACCEPTANCE LETTERS AND THEY ARE ALREADY IN THE AIR BACK TO CHINA! The sooner they get there the sooner CCAA can do their thing and get our travel approvals sent back.

I really am a lot calmer now than what I was just 30 minutes ago. Y'all have received "The Sanitized Version" of events. It's been awhile since blood has threatened to spurt out of my eye sockets like that!

Y'all take care...

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~elise said...

argh! we are starting the 171 renewal TODAY (FOUR months before it expires) because EAC called and told us the INS office is doing crazy things...I told them I'm very familiar with our Senator's office and am easily within driving distance of the INS office...but Puh-leeeez don't make me do it! Crossing my fingers and hoping to see your 171 soon...then mine! :)

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