Friday, March 24, 2006

My precious baby is three years old. So help me where does the time go? She had her three year well baby visit last week and as we all suspected, is perfect. She is 35 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds. Save for a small patch of eczema on her knee she is the picture of health.

We are busily filling out forms and enrolling her in preschool. The very thought grabs ahold of my chest and sqeeeeeezes! We think we've gotten her into our first choice and although they said they had room for her now we've decided to wait until fall. Of course I'm not going to be any more ready by then but I think I can stand two mornings a week for a couple of hours! ")

She is absolutely obsessed with puzzles, Jo Jo's Circus, Dora The Explorer, and anything having to do with letters and numbers. I caught her last week counting, "101, 102, 103, 104..." She amazes us EVERY SINGLE DAY! She is constantly asking what letter things start with and can now rattle off a list of things that begin with just about any letter. The last two days we've started working on what sounds letters make...she's got about 1/2 dozen down so far! Am I bragging? Well DUH! She's my BABY! ")

I look at her and I still cannot believe that she is here with us. I remember so clearly how hard it was waiting for her to join us and we didn't have a third of the problems we are having with Claire's process. I love this little creature so very much...thank you God for placing her into our hearts and lives.

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