Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well...I got another piercing.

Oh I can just see AND hear quite a few of you the minute you read that!

Bonnie is softly shaking her head "no" and thinking, "I hope she went to someplace that was clean and they used single use non-latex gloves."

Rachael is laughing hysterically while wondering, "I wonder if she got a tongue stud or a belly ring?"

Mrs. Miller, my first grade teacher is saying, "Ohhh...and Melissa was such a nice girl in first grade!"

Carol is shuddering violently and hoping it doesn't get infected.

Hey, Hey, Hey It's Pastor J. is either raising his eyebrows and saying, "Cool!" or he may have just choked on his lifesaver.

My brother is trying not to think about if there was any blood involved.

Jennifer is thinking, "Gosh...I wish I could run off to Las Vegas and have an Elvis impersonator give me a piercing."

Alicia is giving a weak "thumbs up" while all the time thinking, "OOO!!! I'll bet that hurt!"

Jess and Ali are simply saying, "Oh...just like Mom!"

Amy, Jane, & Suz are all thinking, "That just doesn't sound like the Missy we all used to know..."

I think Theresa may be giggling...

Ruth blurted out, "My angel did WHAT?!"

Eileen? "Kids will be kids."

And Rick, Terri, & Linda? They didn't even bat an eyelash...they are just waiting for me to get on with the point of this post.

I got my ears pierced for the first time when I was in maybe 6th grade? It was a big deal then...I had to go to a doctor to have it done. I added a second hole to each ear in college. I believe my dad said something like, "Well, I can't understand why you'd want ANOTHER hole in your head but they're your ears." A third hole was added to my left ear I believe when Garry and I were dating or shortly after we were married. I say "I believe" because I think we had our piercings done at the same time...how romantic. LOL Yes folks, for those of you that can't even begin to imagine it, you read it here first...Garry had one of his ears pierced...twice. It has long grown closed!

I was happy with a total of 5 spare holes in my head until a couple of years ago. I really like the look of a tiny hoop about midway up the ear. I went back and forth about being too old and then just decided to go for it. I had it done to the left ear a few months after we turned in our paperwork for Hope. It was kind of my "countdown". I knew that by the time it was healed and I could actually replace the stud with a tiny hoop, I'd be holding my baby.

Well...you do it for one daughter you have to do it for the other! On Saturday we added a third hole to my RIGHT EAR (sorry Rachael!) for Claire. Our agency told us to expect a wait of six months for a referral. The gal who pierced my ear told me to keep an earring in it for...six months!

I truly think I'm done now...well...until the grandkids are on the way. However, I'm running out of room on my ears. What do y'all think about tattoos? ")

Love ya!

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