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As promised, here is everything you've always wanted to know about The China Dossier. As with the home study documents, I can only speak to what my agency wants me to do at this point in time. Any form requiring some sort of payment will be surrounded like *this*.

1. *Agency Registration Form*---A four page document that basically tells the agency that we want to adopt from China. Page one wants the date of application, date the I-600A was filed (Holy Grail part one), date of I-171H approval (Holy Grail part two), names, birthdates, social security numbers, country of citizenship, place of birth, email address, home/work/cell phone numbers, FedEx account number, date of marriage, my maiden name, name of the agency conducting the home study along with their address, phone number, date it was initiated and then completed, and the name of our social worker. Page two needs salary and the effective date of that salary, amount in savings, amount in checking, and any investments we may have. It continues by asking the purchase price of our home, our mortgage amount, our monthly payment, date of purchase, current market value, and number of bedrooms. After that we are to provide lists of banks, personal loans, or other accounts that we owe money to. We must provide the names, balances, and monthly payments for each. Also included on this page is a spot for the name of carrier, the amounts, and the effective dates for life, disability, and health insurance. Page two ends with a section called "Child Desired". We are to check what sex we prefer to adopt, enter an age range, indicate if we are interested in a sibling group, and which country we want to adopt from. Page three! We are to list the names, ages, and relationships of any other person living in our home. We continue by listing the names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth for our parents followed by the same information with our siblings. We must also include ourselves (and the same information that was entered on page one) along with our siblings to show birth order. Page three concludes with a small section where we are to describe our general health and any medications we are currently taking. The last page wants to know if we've ever applied to another child-placing agency, if we are currently trying to adopt through another agency, if we've ever been disapproved by another agency, or if we've ever had a child removed from our home. Signed...dated...done.

2. Adoptive Applicant Authorization For Release Of Confidential Information Police/Criminal Record Check---The exact same form we filled out for the home study...again for the China program.

2. Affidavit Of Health Insurance Coverage---A very simple, one page form that verifies that the adopted child will be covered under our health insurance once the adoption is final. The information needed includes family name, policy number, address, effective date, telephone number, name of insurance company, address of insurance company, and the phone number of insurance company. It requires the name of the insurance company again at the bottom, the signature of the person verifying this information, and the date. OK! Rant coming! This little ditty has to be filled out by either: the insurance company, the human resource department of the company of employment, or the insurance representative within the company. The human resource department has had this form since APRIL and has done nothing except pass the buck on who has to fill it out. It has literally been in FOUR DIFFERENT STATES and has yet to be touched. The last time Garry called to find out what was going on, the woman he spoke to gave him the impression that if he called again it was never going to be completed. Garry's boss is in Dallas. Garry is in Dallas this week. Garry is having a blank form FedExed to him, will fill it out himself, and have his boss sign it. Enough already!

4. Information Summary---Another simple one pager! Names, birthdates, ages, places of birth, date, place, and officiant of our marriage, address, schools we attended and level/year completed, work address, occupation, years there, annual income, passport numbers and expiration dates, name, gender, date of birth, date of adoption, and race of our children...and if the child lives with us.

All of these have been turned into our agency, save for the elusive health insurance document.

Those are basically the registration documents...I haven't even begun to tell you about the dossier paperwork...and won't until later! My daughter is awake!

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