Thursday, June 02, 2005 it's been awhile since my last post. Yeah, happens! Tomorrow I promise to start typing in all of the highly interesting and informative details that are The China Dossier.

We received our completed/signed/approved home study today in the mail! YAY! This was so much quicker than the first time it's actually kind of scary. We had our fingerprints taken Tuesday for the INS...or the BCIS...or whatever initials they are using this week. The completed home study was forwarded to the INS/BCIS the very next day. During our first experience, our fingerprints were taken in September...the home study was forwarded in December...the HOLY GRAIL of adoption documents (more later!) was received in February. The published wait time with the INS/BCIS for the holy grail is 60-90 days after receiving the home study. So...we'll see!

We've already made our first trip to Hartville to look at furniture for Claire's room. We got prices on a couple of pieces and also on a bed and nightstand for Hope's room. We're still undecided on what to do concerning Claire's furniture as compared to Hope's...same style different color...different style...similar style...similar color? I know...we have plenty of time and eventually both girls are going to develop their own tastes and hate everything we've chosen for their rooms!

Until tomorrow...

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