Monday, September 20, 2010

Mel's Walls

I know some folks have been wondering if I'm still talking to God...and if He's still answering.  In a word, yes.  The lines of communication are still open.  I'm still cautiously optimistic.  As always, I don't trust Him like I should, but He still loves me...and He still keeps trying.  If He's willing to work at it, then so am I.

I can't say He's spoken in audible tones since very early this year.  One of those "wait" messages.  Y'all know how good I am with those.  But, as I have learned through this journey called Mel's Life...He can make His message just as loud and just as clear without ever opening His mouth.  You have to be open to receiving that message from any time...from anywhere.

The last big one came at church.  No surprise there really...

A couple of weeks ago we dropped the girls off at Sunday School.  While Garry took the newspapers to the recycle bin I went up to the balcony to read.  I've become more than addicted to my nook that the girls bought me for Mother's Day this year.  While I waited for it to power up I skimmed the bulletin...the picture on the front didn't really register with me at that point.  Garry appeared, sat down, laid his bulletin on the pew next to me and as I glanced down at it I think I actually shouted, "That's EARL!"

The picture on the front of the bulletin...the same one posted here...was my beloved Earl. You don't know Earl???  Allow me to introduce him.  I don't know who chose the picture...or why that was the picture they chose.  I don't really care.  I thanked our pastor profusely...he looked at me like I was nuts...most people do...I'm used to it...I revel in it!  ; )

My stomach was filled with butterflies...I knew this meant something...I knew there was going to be a message for me somewhere and I needed to pay attention.  The hymns were good...but that wasn't it.  The readings and the sermon were good...about angels of course...but I still wasn't getting it.  I thought, "Well...ok.  Maybe the picture is the message.  Maybe that is simply all there is to it."  Ohhh...what was that "wait" thing I mentioned earlier?  Shortly after I had that last thought, our pastor began his pastoral prayer:

"O God, our lives are surrounded by walls.  Some walls are good and strong and keep things in where they should be.  But other walls keep people out.  We confess that too often we build walls made of fear, anger, misunderstanding and hatred.  Too often we build walls to protect ourselves from being hurt, from being changed or from being vulnerable.  In our blindness and prejudice, we forget the gates, doors, and windows in our walls.

Help us, O God, to build walls that are freeing...walls that set boundaries of love and responsibility within which we may live and love and play.  Help us, Loving God, not to be so quick to judge others.  Help us to not create boundaries which separate us from your love for us, but rather enable us to trust in the protective walls that you provide.

Heal our judging spirits, we pray, and make us forgiving people, shaped within your transforming love.  Be with us as we build up and take down the many walls in our lives.  Grant us the wisdom to know when to construct, when to confront, when to climb, when to dismantle, when to ignore, and when to go around the walls of our lives.  And help us to remember that some of our walls may actually be bridges, answers to unspoken prayer.  Amen."

Do you think He was talkin' to me?  Yeah...pretty amazing isn't it?  It took my breath away then, and it does the same every single time I read it.

Thanks J for sharing this, making me a copy, and for just being you.

Be blessed y'all...until next time,

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