Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mel...All My Best...Tracks 1 and 2

I can sing.  Yes, that's one thing I've always believed I can do.  I've got a decent voice...untrained...but decent.  I've even been paid to sing...more than obviously someone else thinks I'm ok at it too.

As I've been going through a lot of my old...and new tunes...I've stumbled across some that I would love to record.  You know...a cover CD  "Mel Sings The Hits...Of Other People".  This is going to be an ongoing project.  I'm not putting them in any specific order as to which ones are the most significant to me or anything like that.  The criteria I am using are fairly simple...I love the has meaning for me...and it suits my voice.  There are a lot of songs that meet the first two conditions but if I don't think I can do it justice I won't put it on my CD.  ; )  Like anything by Martina McBride...she's got some phenomenal least four I'd love to take a shot at...but that little girl sings from her gut...nobody can belt one out like she can... I'm not even going to try.  ; )  So here goes:

I actually did record myself singing this song in the late 90's...just messing around with the settings on my computer one afternoon.

Track One
I'm Making Believe by Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots
Songwriters: Gordon Mack; James V. Monaco

I'm making believe that you're in my arms
Though I know you're so far away.
Making believe, I'm talking to you,
Wish you could hear what I say.

And here in the gloom, of my lonely room,
We're dancing like we used to do.
Making believe, is just another way of dreaming,
So 'til my dreams come true.

I'll whisper goodnight,
Turn out the light and kiss my pillow,
Making believe its you.

This song has been done so many times by so many incredible voices. I've actually combined two of my favorites here. The lyrics listed are those used by Miss Billie Holiday...what a presence. The video version is Ella's...I am a purist. This is the version with the full orchestra...I prefer just Ella and the piano.  ; )

Track Two
But Not For Me by Ella Fitzgerald
Songwriter:  George Gershwin

They're writing songs of love, but not for me.
A lucky star's above, but not for me.
With love to lead the way
I've found more clouds of grey
Than any Russain play could guarantee.
I was a fool to fall and get that way;
Heigh-ho! Alas! And also, lack-a-day!
Although I can't dismiss the mem'ry of his kiss, I guess he's not for me.

He's knocking on a door, but not for me.
He'll plan a two by four, but not for me.
I know that love's a game;
I'm puzzled, just the same,
Was I the moth or flame?
I'm all at sea.

It all began so well, but what an end!
This is the time a feller needs a friend,
When ev'ry happy plot ends with the marriage knot,
And there's no knot for me.

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