Tuesday, March 03, 2009

ABC Wednesday---A Few Of My Favorite G's

ABC Wednesday is hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt's Place.

Beloved husbands and soft furry kitty cats
Sweet baby girls and guys who swing baseball bats
One dear old friend who I welcome with ease
These are a few of my favorite G's

Beloved Husband, Father, and Best Friend Extraordinaire: Garry

Softest, Fluffiest, Most Gentle, Loving and Appreciative Feline Ever: Gus

Two Extremely Silly and Treasured Baby Girls AKA Baby Grovers


Mike Hargrove, former manager of The Cleveland Indians. I stopped watching baseball...and rooting for the Indians when he was "let Go". I adore him AND his wife Sharon. Two of his nicknames are "Grover" which is pretty self explanatory...and "The Human Rain Delay". That one was bestowed upon him when he was a player, describing how long it took him to run through his numerous routines before he would step into the batter's box. Both of my Girls have the nickname "Baby Grover" as they too, are human rain delays, moving only slightly faster than a Glacier.

Grant Aleksander

First and foremost you silly, Giggly readers...Grant is NOT the actor I have the crush on so just Get that out of your heads right now. However...said unnamed actor does portray a G character...

When I was Growing up I was introduced to soap operas by my babysitter. I remember watching from under her ironing board while she ironed shirts and watched the CBS line-up. By the time I hit college I tried to schedule my classes so I could be home in time to see Guiding Light. When that became impossible I saved my pennies until I could afford one of the very first front loading VCR's. That thing cost me several HUNDRED dollars...but I could watch Guiding Light...so it was ok!

Grant Aleksander first appeared on Guiding Light in the very early 80's...just a couple of years older than I was/am...and had "something" that instantly sucked me in. I know it's ridiculous but I have always felt some bizarre connection to him. If one were to believe in past lives I would speculate that at one point he was my favorite brother...or best friend. In the last 25+ years since he became a part of my world, I've had numerous dreams about him. We are always hanging out together somewhere and we are always laughing.

He has left the show several times...and returned. I Gave up soaps around the time Hope joined our family. I didn't have time to watch them and they had turned into something I didn't recognize any longer. I've kept up with my favorite actors and recently received an email telling me that Grant (who had been fired several years ago due to budget cuts) was returning. I set my DVR (my how times have changed) and sat down a week or so ago to see what's new in Springfield. I don't recognize a whole lot of faces...or names...and I have NO idea what's going on...but Grant? Grant is still Grant, or Phillip as his character is called. He looks amazing. His voice still calms me and I don't even have to listen to what he's saying. It's his accent...his cadence...his delivery. I said to Garry, "He hasn't aged a bit!" Beloved husband, in his most wonderful and endearing way, said, "Honey, he's aged...but he looks Good."

So what IS it about him? Not a clue. Is he a Great actor? I don't know...I've never seen him in any part other than that of Phillip Spaulding. Is he a nice person? Again, not a clue. I know very little about him other than what one can read in any public forum. I was talking to a lifelong friend at church on Sunday. Now she DID have a crush on him when we were in college! She said watching him brings back all the wonderful memories of when we were in college and LIVED for Guiding Light. She's right...he brings back feelings of no responsibilities...no bills...where the hardest decision you had to make was what you were Going to do on the weekend. Having him back on my small screen is like running into your best friend from college that you haven't seen in decades.

Am I going to start watching Guiding Light again? No, not really. But I did fast forward through four episodes this morning...stopping only when Grant was on screen. Should I ever run into him someday? I have no doubt I would throw my arms around him and give him a hug. Of course he'd call the police and have the crazy lady arrested...but OH what an awesome blog entry THAT would be!

Until next time y'all...


Pat - Arkansas said...

Quite a selection of "G"s you have here. Your hubby is handsome, the girls are darling, and the cat... what can I say, I love Gus! As for Grover and Grant... neither sports nor soap operas are my thing, but glad you enjoy them. :)

Jay said...

"Of course he'd call the police and have the crazy lady arrested...but OH what an awesome blog entry THAT would be!"

LOL! Well, he might not, you know! Maybe one day you'll find out.

It's funny how we have these feelings about people, isn't it? I think it happens when they match some kind of internal check-list that we have for people who would 'fit' with us in some way, but it could just be that there is more to it than that. Maybe they are indeed our 'soul mates' and we keep running into them at various points in our existence?

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday. Thought provoking post! :)

Carolina said...

Well, if that isn't a coincidence: if you were Grant's sister in a previous life, we would have been sisters in law then! ;-)
He's rather attractive I have to say. Never heard of the guy, but I feel as if I must have been his wife at some point....

Mel said...

Pat---Gus is truly the most awesome animal. He was abandoned at a horse barn...horribly mistreated. We have no idea how old he is nor do we care. When I saw his "smiling" face on Petfinder.com I knew he was supposed to be ours. He's a perfect fit for our family and is amazingly trusting for a creature who has been through what he has!

Jay---I love when you drop by and leave a comment...they are equally as entertaining as your actual posts! So would you rush to hug Mr. Depp should you ever run into him? ")

Carolina my angel! I am laughing so hard I am almost in tears!!!! No WONDER we have connected!!!!!

AND ladies? I'm going to start my rounds again this afternoon so I WILL be visiting!

Carolina said...

Have you seen that I've left you an AWARD over at my place? I'm getting old. I think I've left you a message on an earlier post, but maybe I didn't. So....if you'd like to pick it up..

And your sweet cat, husband and daughters are wonderful too of course ;-)

Jay said...

"So would you rush to hug Mr. Depp should you ever run into him? ")"

Ah, well ... probably. You see, when I did meet him, I rushed up to him to shake his hand, and he met me halfway, took my hand, and he hugged me! So you see, with that kind of encouragement, yeah, I think next time I'd assume he was willing! LOL!

Mel said...

Jay...I am awestruck and bow at your very presence! Hmmm...I wonder if simply by knowing you puts me any closer to someone *I'd* like to hug?

Powell River Books said...

Gus really looks like a lover, ready to curl up in your lap. He might like to chase my g post. This week I went with geese. The first pair just returned. I invite you to come see. - Margy

Carol said...

Hey....Hands down, the winner is...GARRY!!! xoxoxxoxox

photowannabe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your very kind comment. I love all the things you posted for the letter G. Pretty cool. You have 2 beautiful kids there Mel.

pictureeachday said...

Ooh, a good week for you! Two 'G' names in one house (not to mention some other good 'G's)! :D
There's something to be said for media-induced nostalgia.. I was just reading something someone wrote about a particular music album bringing back good college memories, too. I look forward to the post-hug-arrest blog post ;P

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