Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wow! Catch me! I'm a Kreativ Blogger! As if this little item from Carol at RoseCreekCottage didn't surprise me enough, I was also mentioned in David's authorblog as a contender for his Post Of The Day award. The post that was nominated, by the way was the one dated September 1, 2008 detailing Hope's first two days of school. Belated and much appreciated thanks to both Carol and David...I'm still amazed anyone takes the time to read my disjointed ramblings.

Along with Carol's award comes great responsiblity! ; ) I am to list six things that make me happy and then bestow the award upon six other bloggers. goes...

Six Things That Make Me Happy
( no particular order!)

1. My husband, my girls, and my four legged furry boys
2. Stitching...scrapping...sewing...creating!
3. Whippin' Andrew and Carrie at Wordscraper...ok...just playing Wordscraper with Andrew and Carrie. ")
4. Looking at referral pictures
5. Losing myself in a Tami Hoag novel
6. A Dairy Queen Xtreme Chocolate Lover's Blizzard...mmmmm...

Six Kreativ Bloggers Who Deserve A Shout Out!

1. She Knits Me, She Knits Me Not---Carrie the Kreativ! The girl has a thing for yarn.
2. Pea Picker's Primitives---This is one of my frequent escapes.
3. The Adventures of Miss Tippy Tail and Kitty Boo Boo---Vicki deserves much more than this award...she was living in her motor home with not one, but TWO two year olds during a house remodel. This gal needs a medal!
4. Do They Have Salsa In China---I've been checking on these two cuties since I first saw their referral pictures.
5. Seeking Sanity---I just discovered this one this week. I'm hooked.
6. Fat, frumpy & fifty...Yet another great read!

Drop by and give 'em a read!


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

thanks for stopping by for a chat....and thank you so much for saying such lovely things, you are very kind!! I am surprised that people keep dropping by!!
lve enjoyed you thoughs and ramblings also!!
back soon


Cheri and Shane said...

Hi happy to see an update on your blog!! I always enjoy reading your posts!! :)

What a GREAT list of "6 things that make you happy"

XUE said...

Greetings from Tokyo, Mel ! My mother "found" me when I was days old & that's how she became my mother. I'm a mother now & our family celebrates both Chinese & German festivals. I wish you & your family, happiness & joy always.

Kathryn said...

Congrats on your award and your post of the day at David's! I love David's blog. Yay!

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a supportive comment. I truly appreciate it. And thank you so much for the mention on your blog as well. That was such a nice surprise.

You've a lovely blog here. I hope you don't mind I'm adding you to my reader. :)

Anonymous said...

speaking as a special cub, it's fun to beat you at wordscraper

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