Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here I go stealing Kristian's pictures again...but I can't help it! LOL She can deal with me once she's back in the country!

This is Garry, Claire, Kristian and Joslyn...I'm assuming on their outing to the Three Gorges Museum.

Daddy made good on his promise to Hope and emailed her pictures of ALL three gorges. She's thrilled...and obviously my child. What a request! "What would you like Daddy to bring back from China for you?" "A picture of the three gorges." LOLOLOLOL

The museum was interesting, but Garry found the art museum contained in the same building MORE interesting. I wish I could've seen it. From what he described there were some awesome pieces. Another nod to my shopping list...Roxie from Tennessee keeps asking to take another look at it. While at the museum she spotted one of the items on my list and came running, "Mr. Garry! Mr. Garry! Here's these!" LOL

After nap he headed out with Rick and one other family to do some shopping. They visited the big book store. Garry said imagine the very worst Border's you've ever visited and multiply it by a hundred. You know how folks at Border's hang out, lay on the floor, read the entire book, then put it back? He said that most of the books he found that he would've liked to have brought home had been read "several times". That was my term. He said he wouldn't feel comfortable letting our girls even touch them. Covers were torn off, pages had been stepped on...I said, "Like an old library book?" He said, "Like a phone book at a rest stop." EWWWW!!!! He really had to work but he found two books for each of the girls and one for us. The children's floor was jam cram packed with kids. Rick had been there the day before and as they were ascending he said to Garry, "Listen." Garry says, "What *is* that?" It was the sound of all of those children running free! Apparently no parents to be found!

They stopped at a department store and he bought Claire a couple of outfits. He said it was really interesting...there were NO clothes in "little" sizes. Chongqing sees so much international adoption that there was simply nothing left that will fit the girls now. Doesn't matter...she'll grow into them!

When he called this morning Claire was his words, "Only one hurp today!" LOL Obviously she's taking after Alicia! He was packing. He can't wait to get to Guangzhou because, again, a direct quote, "I know that the next stop after that is home."

We can't wait for him to get home either...we're all feeling the strain. He was so broken up last night after talking to Hope on the phone he couldn't speak for a minute or two. I can't imagine the stress he must be under...and he's so worried about disappointing me.

Kristian has told me he's doing an amazing job...Roxie told him yesterday that he's more together than their entire family...and this is their THIRD trip! Know what he said? "It's because our girls have a great Mama and I have a great wife that got us organized and ready to go." CRYING!!!!!

It hits at the strangest times...ok...I have to quit...can't see the screen.

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