Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still nothing...

And Sandy...I'm not going to call and ask! ")

Let me clarify my emotions for y'all if I can...I am NOT sad. I am not even close to sad! After 23 full months of angst and false starts and disappointments I am about as far away from sad as I can get! My emotions are all over the place, but they are all positive!

I am also having a few little nagging know...everyone else got their referrals but we didn't get ours...or our LID has changed yet again. Those kinds of things...

Someone from the agency will call when the referrals are ready to be picked up...and not before! For me, I really don't think it would help knowing that they were there and I couldn't do anything about it! LOL

Cheri, thanks for the sweet, sweet comments about our family in your blog. I know the torture you are going through...waiting and watching each and every month only to be met with disappointment. Your turn will come and I pray that it comes VERY SOON! Once you are holding *your* precious Hope in your arms, you will know just why you had to wait so long. You still won't *LIKE* that you had to wait so long, but you'll understand! ")

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