Thursday, November 02, 2006

And the joy just continues...

Well, after my cry this morning I called Garry and told him the news. He was as thrilled as I was obviously. I then shoved a Twix bar into my mouth and turned on Joyce Meyer. As usual, God was using her to speak directly to my situation. I was reminded that in life there are going to be times of joy AND times of sorrow, but God always has my back. It is MY job to stop acting like a whiny brat and go on with my life and trust HIM to do what is right. I did some seriously loud sobbing, and then my day really turned around...for awhile. I even vowed to write a best seller titled, "God & Chocolate".

The phone rang this morning and it was our social worker. Remember I said we had to redo our I600A? Garry sent all of that in to USCIS in Cleveland and they promptly sent it all back because we hadn't included the fee for fingerprints. Garry found the amendment to our current I171H that clearly states that our fingerprints are good until November 2007, copied it, and sent everything back to them. So far so good. They also need an update from our social worker, which brings me to her call this morning. Apparently someone from the agency called her today and wanted to know where the update was. She knew nothing about it. Apparently they sent her an email and she never got it. I don't it just me or isn't that something important enough to pick up the phone for in the first place? Whatever, it's taken care of now.

Garry then called Chris at the agency to see what's up with our LID. Here's where the fun really begins. The agency did receive referrals today...not for our group though...for the group AFTER us. Yes, our dossiers were sent to China on August 9th, 2005 and logged in on August 25th, 2005. Their's went over later in August and were logged in on September 5th, 2005. Apparently the mix-up was complete in that ours are now September 5th, and theirs are August 25th.

He also questioned her about USCIS returning our packet and refingerprinting. Get this...every USCIS office does it differently...EVEN WITHIN THE SAME STATE. Depending on what Cleveland does, we may have to PAY THEM AGAIN and HAVE OUR FINGERPRINTS TAKEN YET AGAIN EVEN THOUGH WE JUST WENT THROUGH THIS IN AUGUST!!!!!

Fury best describes how I'm does depressed...sad and angry work too...and I've even managed to whip out a dark laugh. I'm tired...soooo very tired. I don't want to feel like this. My spirit knows that God is behind this and He knows best. My flesh just wants to yell, scream, and make somebody else hurt like I do right now.

Why is this happening? I don't get it...I really don't get it. I just want to see my baby's face...please God...soon?

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