Sunday, February 19, 2006

And...the beatings continue.

Without going into great detail...mostly because I am sick to death of thinking about it...I am asking all of you who are reading this to PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WAITING IN THE CHINA PROGRAM FOR THEIR REFERRALS FROM OUR AGENCY.

We received news from them this week that they have changed their travel policies...not only for those who are new to the program, but to all of us who have been waiting for months... and for all intents and purposes either Hope doesn't travel with us to China or I stay home with her while Garry goes.

It really is more than I can bear. Eating has become a problem again...sleep is at a premium. Neither Garry nor I like the fact that not only we, but many, MANY other families who have prepared, and prepared, and prepared not only themselves but their little ones for the trip, now feel like they have to decide between which daughter needs them the most.

It is simply the most agonizing thing we have ever gone through. Please pray that reason and common sense will win out and our ENTIRE family can be together with Claire in China. If you feel so moved, add the concern to any other prayer groups/chains you may be a part of. My only request is you at NO TIME mention our names. Remember, the agency still ultimately holds all the cards. We don't want to do anything to antagonize them because they are the only ones right now between us and Claire.

Still not beaten...but I'll tell you...this one has me on the ropes...

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