Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...where in the heck have I been? Enjoy the following updates/rantings!

Disney World was wonderful. Hope was absolutely amazing. She basically rolled with the punches and enjoyed herself and her first vacation to the fullest. The last couple of days were kind of dicey as she was years beyond tired, but other than that she was a trouper. The kid is a character magnet. I've never seen that many characters in my entire LIFETIME of trips to Disney parks, let alone one single trip. Let's just say we have well over 300 pictures to commemorate Hope's First Trip To Disney World. In retrospect, the timing of the trip might have been tweaked a little. It was rough getting back just in time to prepare for the holidays. But...we wouldn't have gotten to experience all the neat Christmas-y things at Disney World! Will we do it again? Of course! Soon? I'm thinking no.

Did someone mention the holidays? I know I have quite a few people upset with me because I've been EXCEPTIONALLY quiet. To which I can only say I'm sorry...but get used to it! ") Seriously, I cut out SO many extra things this year hoping to evade the usual mind/body/soul numbing sickness that inevitably descends upon me after the whirlwind of holiday activity stops. I did better...I truly did! I had time to actually ENJOY a portion of the season myself! However, the past week was spent in a haze of hacking, Vicks, Tylenol, Puffs Plus tissues, and late, late, LATE night television. It is only in the last two days that I've actually become interested in personal hygiene again! LOL Garry had it over Christmas...Hope was New Year's...Mama was last week. This is NOT a legacy I want to pass on to my girls. I do not want them to labor over creating the enigmatic PERFECT holiday for everyone else only to miss it for themselves and end up sick as a dog afterwards. So, be forewarned...if I have to cut more computer time...I will! ")

Quite a few folks have been commenting on Hope's size lately. The comments run the gamut from, "She's just not growing is she?" to "Wow! She's so big!" It occurred to me that most of these comments are coming from people who only see her in pictures. I can see where that would be confusing! She was weighed and measured at her pediatricians' office last month. At that time she weighed 25 pounds and was 35 inches tall. So folks, she's still shorter than a yardstick. Her doctors assure us every single time we see them that she is growing normally and there is nothing to worry about. This, dear friends, is all I care about. To put it in perspective she is wearing anywhere from 18-24 month size clothes with a couple of 2T's thrown in for good measure...but she still has some 12 month stuff that fits! She's tiny...but in her doctor's words, "She's in perfect proportion." Well duh!

So, what's the news on Claire? There isn't any. Ok, other than we bought her a carseat and a bathseat a few months ago!

Recently I gave up reading all of my Yahoo one...I'm cutting down on computer time you know! ; ) I was thrilled to read a post from someone who said they actually CRINGE when someone asks them about the status of their adoption. Another waiting family added that they wanted to place a tattoo on their foreheads stating, "We don't know anything!" This is how we feel my friends. I know that I haven't posted any news in quite awhile so I can more than understand why many of you have started to ask questions again. In an attempt to answer as many as possible in one fell swoop I included a "fact sheet" with our Christmas cards. In that sheet I stated that we more than likely wouldn't know anything until the end of February. Today is January 8th, and I'm not even going to tell you how many people who received that fact sheet have asked us if we've heard anything. I know, I know, I KNOW that these people care for us and simply want to let us know that they care. I am begging everyone to find another way! LOL This time is not a joyous one for us. It is not something to look forward to. It is arduous, grueling, and gut wrenching and frankly, I spend most of my time trying not to think about it.

We had folks asking us way back in July, before the papers even went to China, if Claire's room was ready. We prepared Hope's room about two months before she joined our family. As far as I'm concerned THAT was too early. The only reason we "hurried" on that one was because we wanted the cats to get used to the new sights and smells before she came in and disrupted their perfect little furry lives! On a practical note, it's a room that's not being used but still gets dirty! I don't want or need another room to clean. On an emotional note I remember going into Hope's room before she arrived and SOBBING into her little clothes that were hanging in the closet. Friends, this process is not like a pregnancy...and frankly I may kill the next person who tells me that it is. When a woman is pregnant, does she wonder if her baby is warm enough; if she is getting enough to eat; if she is receiving adequate medical care; if she's been born yet; and most importantly...when you are pregnant do you have to wonder WHERE your baby is?

We are not keeping any information from you. We don't HAVE any information to keep from you. The last little bit of info I read on the web stated that those with LID's (log in dates) in April had been matched. If that is true then it really doesn't bode well for those of us with LID's in August being matched by the end of February. Now...Garry and I can be as gracious as the next person but we are truly going to mame the next person who reminds us for the 3 millionth time that Chinese New Year is at the end of January and will probably slow the process down even more so.

Folks...the entire process to bring us to Hope took 20 full months. MANY of those months were spent with even less information than what I've provided for you here. We have just reached our 12th month in the process for Claire. Obviously God knew it was going to take 20 months for our perfect, precious Hope to be ready to join our family. He and He alone knows when Claire's time will come too.

Ok...did I make my point? ") Believe me, NO ONE is more interested in receiving news about Claire than WE ARE! You won't be able to keep us silent once we do! Thanks to all of you for reading my rantings...this will be the first place to look for news! You know I don't like the telephone! ")

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