Friday, September 30, 2005

First of all many, MANY thanks to all of those who took the time to share their answers to the "less than sensitive" questions or comments from my last post. All of them are greatly appreciated! At one point there was a website that offered responses to those comments...I had a link to it at Prayer, Praise & Peace...way back when! I'm going to have to look it up and share it with you!

We have yet to be notified of our LID. We were told it would probably be up to two months before the Chinese notified us. It will be two months on October 9th. Stay tuned...

We have yet to receive Hope's passport and all of her important documents that had to be sent away in order to get her passport. The check was not in the last bunch of cancelled checks that came back yesterday. We were told it would take "a full six weeks". Looking at the calendar I guess they still have one more day left.

We received the list of the other families we will be traveling with and have heard from all of them. It is going to be another large group. There will be 14 parents/prospective parents and everyone with children is bringing all or most of them. At last count I believe there are 8 children with 6 of them under the age of 4. Our last group also had some grandparents along as well so we shall see.

I haven't been posting anything because, well, there's been nothing to post! ") We're dealing with several issues right now...those of you who know us well know that when "issues" come up we tend to close ourselves off from the outside world until things are resolved. NONE of these issues are deadly or of imminent importance to anyone other than our little family. I do want to thank everyone who understands that we are not angry, upset, or anything else. We just don't have anything left for anyone else right now. We also appreciate all prayers that are offered! I will share that one, two actually of the issues is health related...again, nothing deadly...just a giant nuisance. Three members of our little troupe of five are now affected and we're all being treated. I finally called and made an appointment for something else that has been bothering me for a month or two. Hopefully it will be just another nuisance as well. Again, all prayers and good thoughts are appreciated! ")

There is one "issue" that is simply making me crazy. Some days I don't think about it at all and other days it is a constant battle to think of anything BUT it. I have discussed it with my friend Linda ad nauseum and WON'T discuss it any further...with anyone! ") I am not giving it any more energy. Linda and I have actually gotten a few giggles out of it simply by the fact that I say I've given it to God but then I end up taking it back. I found this poem today that I had pulled out of a book called "A Woman's Journey Toward Holiness" several years ago. There is no author credited on the page so if anyone knows who wrote it I would love to know. Enjoy the poem...and enjoy your weekend!

Take Them Back
I give my problems to the Lord, and then I take them back.
It's not that I don't trust Him or faith that I lack.
It's just I give them to the Lord, and then I take them back.
I'm so sure that I've given all my problems unto Him;
Then all at once I realize I'm burdened down again.
I don't understand the reason I've taken them all back.
So, Lord, I bring them unto You again; please take them back.

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