Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yeah...I Did. And I'd Do It Again Too!

Shopping Update...Shopping Update...Shopping Update...

I went to Kohls today looking for some size 4 capris.  Forget that...all the 4's I tried on in the "Ladies" or "Misses" departments looked like old lady pants.  The Juniors section did however have at least three pairs (size 7) that are now a part of my wardrobe.  I also bought two wildly exciting (not) camis to wear under other tops.

The bras were on KNOW how much I love shopping for those.  Well, I needed one of the convertible strap deals for a top I bought a couple of weeks ago.  So I took a deep breath and dove in headfirst.  I chose four practical ones...and one that was just damn cute.  The first practical one I tried on actually fit.  WOOT!  That's never happened before.  The damn cute one fit too.  I freakin' rock.  So it wasn't black with green polka dots...but it does scream Mel...I just wish you could see that the back straps are bright yellow and black zebra print!'s's's cute...and it's mine.  And no, that isn't me in the picture.  ; p

Nothin' but love for y'all,


Carolina said...

Hehehe, Mel, you obviously are a featherweight tiny pirate.

Mel said...

Argh! ")

Megan Mary said...

I would LOVE one... but unfortunately there's never anything cute in DD... and no I am not bragging, I would KILL to have cute bras like that!!!

Mel said... know what? That sounds like something you should investigate! I'm sure it's not just YOU that would love cute bras. You could have a real goldmine on your...ummm...hands! Plus...your company logo AND name would kick ass too...because you my girl, rock out loud.

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