Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ABC Wednesday---U Is For Uhhhh...

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I'm sleep deprived...I'm hopelessly, madly, deeply, truly, obsessively in love...with my new laptop.

I've been needing a new computer for awhile now and last week? Well...having it blow up at least three times an hour was getting a bit old. Anyone living near heard several new words emanating from my office window along with the oft muttered phrase, "I'm just going to throw it out in the yard and light it on fire!"

Fearing a complete mental breakdown was in my near future I was taken laptop shopping on Saturday. Thanks to THE computer savvy husband and a generous refund from the IRS I am now the proud owner of one sleek, shiny, fast, and dare I say sexy little HP Pavilion Notebook. I love this piece of hardware much like I loved my beloved Jeep Cherokee. God rest her soul... And yes...I think it may be a girl...and I plan on naming her.

Of course I'm also overwhelmed at the amount of new software I'm expected to comprehend. But don't let those words fool you...I'm loving every single second of it. Today? I tried to transfer files from the old beast. Apparently I don't have enough coal to keep the fire lit in it or it doesn't like the weather because it's not cooperating. So I will try again later.

In the meantime...uhhh...I'm in love. ")

P.S. Next week's letter is "V" ; )


Joy said...

Happy new laptop. I got a new one last year, after bits of the old one gradually stopped working. I now, no longer shout at the screen, and am quite calm.

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, happy laptop - nothing much more fun than a new 'puter!

Carolina said...

Hehehe, I like Joy's phrase: Happy New Laptop. It could be a Hallmark Card. I'm sure there is a market for it ;-)
It's very nice and I hope it will never let you down, happy new laptop from me too!

(My Best Real Life Friend Forever used to own a Jeep Cherokee and was heartbroken when they had to sell it to buy a more practical family car. The Jeep had not backseats and my BRLFF and her hubs were expecting their first child. I think she would have been happy with tying the pram to the tow bar. But her hubs insisted on a safer way to transport the baby.)

Dragonstar said...

Now you've made me jealous! Happy new Laptop indeed, and may she be with you for many years.

Thank you, on behalf of the ABC Team.

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