Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ABC Wednesday---S Is For Stuff!

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Sleeping In The Big Girl Bed

Oh yes, oh yes, oh YES! There she is! Claire in her Big Girl Bed!!!! You know...we had planned on making the transition gradually like we did with Hope. Some day we (I) am going to learn that my girls are two very different individuals. Claire has always liked sleeping with her door closed. Well, with the arrival of the new bed that was going to be impossible. We had planned on leaving her door open and putting the baby gate up. She wanted no part of it. But you know what? She screamed for about five minutes and has slept in her crib, with her door open, for about two weeks. Garry built the bed last Saturday and put it in her room beside her crib. We didn't bother with the mattress or boxspring or sheets or any of that. We just wanted her to get used to having the bed in her room. Sunday I fired up the washer, laundered all of her new linens, and made up her brand new Big Girl Bed.

As you can see, when bedtime came? She said, "I want to sleep in my new Big Girl Bed." And she did. All night long...the very first night...and she continues to do so. Yes, there is some sadness on my part. I know she is my last baby. We are done with the crib...the one that has Hope's teethmarks in it...the one that we chose so lovingly and with great anticipation so many years ago. But I'm also excited and thrilled with the awesome girls my children are becoming. Have I told you lately just how much my kids rock? ")


On the day Claire got her new bed, Hope got her new Big Girl Bike. And yes...we planned it that way. Here she is in all her six year old glory...burning up the patio like nobody's business. She chose this bike because, "It has blue flowers all over it. They look like Hawaii. That's where Lilo lives." She also chose her helmet because it had flowers on it too. ")

Hope has gone through some major changes of her own lately. She has always slept with a nightlight AND demanded that we leave our bedroom light on until she falls asleep. Out of the clear blue sky...perhaps the day before we started leaving Claire's bedroom door open...Hope tells us she wants to try and sleep without her nightlight. She hasn't had it on since. The very next night she asked, "Can I try to sleep without Mama and Daddy's light on too?" Again...we haven't had to turn it on since that night. My babies aren't babies any longer.

As you can see, Claire wanted in on some of the biking action as well.

Steve Perry

Yeah...Steve Perry. You know...the former lead singer of Journey? The guy with the perfect voice? No, I was never a big Journey fan. I never had a crush on any of its members. I didn't own a Journey t-shirt. I didn't want to see them in concert. I think I may own one of their albums...on vinyl. The draw for me has always been his voice. Steve sings in a VERY comfortable register for me and lately we've been belting out the duets. I think I may have a crush on his voice. And yes...I can mimic his "gravel" as well...especially if I hit several of his patented high notes without warming up.

One rainy morning the girls and I were sitting in the car waiting for the bus to come when "Foolish Heart" came on the radio. Wow...memories like you wouldn't believe. When that song came out I was right in the middle of the nastiest break-up of my life. Hearing that song only made me feel worse...making me feel like I was a total and complete idiot for allowing myself to get hurt...yet again. But now...some 20 years later...the lyrics hold a completely different meaning for me. They're all about hope...and's still scary to trust...but you may never know joy if you don't open your least one more time.

I sing this song CONSTANTLY. Hope knows it by heart and asks me to sing it to her for her lullaby. Claire is starting to join in on the chorus. All three of us were singing it at the bus stop this week. I've even been known to let loose with a verse or two while I'm going for my walk through our neighborhood. If you've never heard it? Treat yourself...go and listen.

And Finally A Bit Of Silliness

I don't know Wally...maybe it's just me...but I don't think this is the way *I* would've chosen to lay on the bunk bed.

I hate having my picture taken...unless I'm around someone in say...oh...this AMAZING character. Look how young I am...::sigh::...and how ridiculously happy I look! ")

Yeah...I was pretty happy here too. One of the park photographers just kept yelling, "Ma'am! Ma'am! Look over here!" I gave many times in my life am I going to have my picture taken with The Beast? And, in case you're wondering? I prefer him as The Beast...once he changed into the prince? All interest was lost.

Until next time y'all,


jay said...

Your girls are beautiful, Mel! You know, their growing up, just like life in general, is a journey. And as you leave stuff behind, new stuff opens up in front of you to keep you from getting too bogged down in sentiment. Oh yes, I have the baby shoes and the favourite dungarees etc stored away, just as I have the coffee table with my beloved first dog's teeth marks in it (I so identify with the teeth mark thing!) but I found myself so proud of my boys at each stage of their lives, and I still am - even though they're now grown up and left home.

I know exactly what you mean about the voice and being a comfortable register too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel--we recently got rid of Faith's crib too with no problem from her just me feeling sad that the "baby" is growing up. How fast they grow:( Take care--Pam

Carolina said...

Oh dear, baby teethmarks in a baby crib, now I'm scared ;-) They look so sweet and lovely, your girls. Someday maybe they will have babies of their own who will take their turn in trying to eat their bed. I thought only dogs did that ;-)
Nice voice indeed! And you, my dear, are gorgeous!

Mel said...

jay---I so love when you visit. Your words are always so full of gentle truth. I treasure those words...and you!

Pam---I know what you mean...I swear y'all were just in China yesterday.

Carolina---You are incorrigible! She wasn't trying to eat her way out! She was TEETHING! You smart aleck you. ;) And thank you love...I *was* gorgeous in my youth! LOL I was all of 38 years old when I met The Amazing SpiderMan...and 43 I think when I accosted The Beast.

pictureeachday said...

Awww, it's so great to see Claire enjoying her big girl bed, especially after the hassle you went through in finding one! She and Hope are soooo precious in their little biking gear.. they remind me of my sister and me when we were that age :D

I COMPLETELY agree about the Beast, by the way. I always loved him best as the Beast.

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