Sunday, April 05, 2009

Camera Critters---Hey Ma! Wha'cha Doin' Up There?

Camera Critters 1st Anniversary

Camera Critters is hosted by Misty Dawn.

There's Wally...upside down again...and peeking out from under the dishwasher. Both of my cats are fascinated with the dishwasher but I have to say this was a first. I've never been loading the thing and had a gorgeous black and white face suddenly pop out at me...until now.

Have a blessed week!


i beati said...

clever angle smile Sandy

Carolina said...

And people say wé have weird pets....

Isn't there some kind of exchange program for pets Auntie Mel? Like there is for students? Then you could send Wally over here. He's so funny.

Mel said...

Thanks Sandy!

Carolina...if there ISN'T one? There SHOULD be! ")

Carolina said...

Mel my dear, you have been tagged! By me! You can find it on my blog.

Hugs xx

pictureeachday said...

hehehe, how do you have such cute cats? I really like your dishes. They look sturdy. My dishes always have to be sturdy..

XUE said...

that is a funny shot!

Misty Dawn said...

BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is absolutely PRICELESS. This made me burst out laughing out loud. Truly a fantastic photo, which should be entered in contests for sure!

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