Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday---J Is For "Surely You JEST?!"

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Oh yes, oh yes, oh YES it's that time again. It's time for getting rid of the crib and bringing in the Big Girl Bed. If you don't remember the fun we had last time when we went through this with Hope you can refresh your memory here.

Well...silly us...we thought we had it DOWN this time. Again, you may remember how excited we were when we finally decided to furnish Claire's nursery and how we FINALLY decided on what we wanted. No? Ok...that one is here. We decided that we loved the style of Hope's furniture and we loved the quality that came from Morigeau...and we loved the service from Baby Tyme where we had purchased Hope's nursery/bedroom furniture. We ended up going with the exact same furniture, only in a different color combo. The above picture is NOT from our home! It is from the Morigeau catalog. The colors in the picture are "latte and mahogany" which is the combo we chose for Claire...Hope's are "latte and wheat".

We planned on buying Claire's new big girl bed around her third birthday...which was last week...and we also planned on using our IRS refund to make the purchase. We received our highly coveted income tax refund last week and were poised and ready to head to Baby Tyme on Saturday. On Friday night I sat down at the computer to check when Baby Tyme opened on Saturday. Just for grins I started looking around their site and guess what? There was no mention of them carrying the Morigeau brand. I got the sweats. Garry called them. Morigeau declared bankruptcy in December of last year. The person on the phone apologized for not calling and letting us know. My stomach dropped. (Surely you JEST was putting it as nicely as I could AND use a j word!) I spent the next hour or so online trying to locate anyone with any stock left. If we'd have needed a crib, we'd have been golden. But other than that? No go. matching desk for Hope's bed...nightstand...bookshelf...wall shelf...and eventually desk for Claire's room. It wouldn't have been so distressing if we hadn't already purchased the dresser/changing table and mirror in that style for Claire's room years ago. And as you can see...they have a pretty distinctive look that I wasn't having good vibes about matching. I sent an email to my friend Carrie telling her what was going on and that I was going to give it over to Him once I hit the shower.

I was pretty close to tears when I checked my email before shutting down for the night and found I'd sold not one but TWO Barbie's on Amazon. I printed out the packing slip, turned off the computer and started getting the dolls ready to ship the next day. My frustration grew when I realized both dolls wouldn't fit in one box. Back to my office/studio...turn the computer and printer back on...print out another packing slip. With my frustration starting to turn to anger I thought, "Why do I have to WAIT to turn something over to Him?" ") So I simply said, "It's yours. I can't do anything more about it." Almost immediately the name "Wayside" popped into my head. Wayside is a furniture store nearby that we've never been to. We usually make a day of it and drive to Amish country to browse the selection there...but Claire was in DIRE need of a big girl bed, we had other errands we HAD to do, and we needed somewhere close. I looked them up online and they had pages upon pages of youth beds. I printed out the directions and the next morning we headed out to Wayside.

We walked in the door, read the store directory, went through the doorway to the right into the youth bedroom furniture department, and sitting to the left was a bed and nightstand that didn't match perfectly, but was close enough that nobody is even going to have to look twice at them. The hardware doesn't come anywhere near close to matching but we also saw another bedroom set that we liked the hardware on...hardware that we can easily duplicate by taking a trip to Lowe's. It was so quick and so painless my head is still swimming. Why is it that I have no problem going to God with the "big" things but I let the little things pile up until they are choking me? Obviously something I'm not going to do any longer! Oh! The new furniture is from Young America by Stanley. They have some gorgeous pieces too. You can take a look here.

Our next trip will be to Medina Mattress. I KNOW it's still there because we just went past it!

Oh my friends...I couldn't have made this one up if I tried! And I'm not EVEN going into the feelings that Mama is having about putting her last baby out of the crib and into a big girl bed. I'll save that for ANOTHER post! ")


Tumblewords: said...

Wow. I didn't ever have a problem with matching stuff - too eclectic, I guess. Nice post!

Jay said...

Oh, I hate it when they stop making something I want to buy! So sad that they went out of business, but I'm glad to hear you got it sorted and found some close enough!

I feel your pain about the packing, too. :(

Carol said...

Well, that was a quick solution to what seemed like a large problem. You must take a pic of the finished room to show us!

pictureeachday said...

Aww, what frustration! Why do the good companies always go out of business? At least you will get your fabulous mattress service again :) I LOVE the furniture in the photo, by the way. The style feels like something that should be a beach house.. just summery and happy :D

Carolina said...

I really love the furniture you chose for the kids. And I'm tempted to get some children, just to go furniture shopping. Lovely stuff on the Young America website ;-) Only tempted mind you.
When I commented on your other post about this just now, I mentioned the weird word verification (amishel). So my jaw dropped when I came back to thís post and read that you actually usually really (hehe) dó go to Amish-land. How eerie is that?

Big hugs xx

Carolina said...

Shakerstyle!!!! That's what I meant ;-)
Glad you like the Jamie Lidell song. Lots of his music on youtube, great variation in his songs (they probably smoked something while making this clip, hehe).

Kat said...

Oh man. I know that feeling well. Trying to find a decent dresser set and bed is so hard! And they are so expensive!!!
I'm so glad you found a reasonable option that will work so well. God really does help with everything, doesn't He? :)

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