Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ok folks...another year...another tag! I have been tagged by Tammie at!

So here goes...

This is our silly Claire at 10 months old, a few days after joining Daddy in Chongqing...just one of many pictures that Garry emailed home. Each and every picture, email, and phone call was like manna from Heaven. You may remember that our agency promised that we could travel as a family, and then changed their mind. So Hope and I hung on every bit of information we could get from Daddy and Claire while they were in China. These photos were made even more precious when the memory stick for the camera was lost at the Tokyo airport. Thank God he had emailed most all of the photos home!

If you notice, she's pulling her socks off. She STILL does that at 2 1/2. The kid HATES socks. Her latest trick is to put BOTH of them on the same foot...and THEN pull them off. Hey, at least we don't have a problem finding both socks!

I had to include this shot as well...taken by Kristian...THANK YOU!!! Snapped just moments after Daddy held her for the very first time. She had a huge case of bronchitis...was coughing so hard she was vomiting...she had scabies and was itching and uncomfortable...some strange man was holding her and crying all over her...and yes, she was *that* pleasant and for the most part that's how she continues to be. But let's not forget, she is from Chongqing...she is a spicy girl. And yes, no matter where they went in China, people would ask Garry where she was from, and as soon as he told them Chongqing, every one of them would say, "Oh! Spicy girl!" She is indeed. She loves spicy food...the kid dips ORANGES in SALSA for crying out loud. And she's got a temper on her as well...from zero to at least 150 in less than a second. And yes, there have been comparisons to Mama's temper. Be quiet.

She loves to play dress-up, take care of her teddy bear, and pretend to cook in her play kitchen. At the moment she is wildly in love with crayons. She is very definitely a little Mama...very concerned about her sister when something is bothering her...talks "baby talk" to the cats...which is hilarious hearing my "baby talk"!

She is her own person and while she is in some ways like Hope, in many others she is not! Her fine and gross motor skills are much more developed than Hope's were at this point. She is much more easy going than her sister although both of them love their schedule and woe to the person who changes it. She still chooses to eat her fruit and veg before anything else on her plate...jie jie seems to have an aversion to anything green that might find it's way onto her dinner table. Language skills? Behind Hope, but Hope was far ahead of the pack on that one. She is right where she should be...and in just the last two weeks her language has literally exploded. What has been "Tanta" all season has suddenly become Santa. One day last week she woke up with L blends! LOL We don't "seep" anymore, we now SLEEP. We don't go outside and "pay" any longer, now we go outside and PLAY. She is refining and polishing and talking a blue streak...which is kind of hard in this house because Hope doesn't let anyone else get a word in edgewise!

And did I mention that I'm madly in love with BOTH of my girls? Like nothing I've ever experienced before...

All right it's YOUR turn!

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Be blessed y'all!


Carrie said...

What a sweet post!! I love it! I love hearing about your girls and your family. :)

david mcmahon said...

She pulls her socks off? So she's related to all my kids then? !!!!!!!!

Mel said...

Ta Carrie!

David, she's related to her Mama too...I can't stand socks...yet another sign she was destined to by my child. ")

XUE said...

so cute! For a long time ever, our Annika could pull her socks off & eat her toes!

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