Monday, November 03, 2008

It appears that Hope was paying close attention to the story at her listening center today...and also to the discussion we had about honesty and telling the truth a few weeks ago.

While we were eating lunch today she said, "Mama? Telling the truth means telling what really happens, right?" I said, "Yes honey. Who told you that?" Now honestly, I was thinking she was going to tell me her know how you can tell your kids something 537 times and they NEVER get it, yet their teacher can say it once and it is GOSPEL. She surprised me by saying, "*YOU* did Mama!" She then proceeded to tell me about a boy in the story at her listening center today:

"The boy in my story today had to tell what really happened Mama. He told the truth. He was at the beach when an earthquake came! He had to run really fast before..."

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Wait for it...

Maybe you should make sure your mouth is free of all foods and or beverages...

"He had to run really fast before the salami came!"

Once I had dried my tears, stopped wheezing, could remain upright, and composed myself I asked her if she meant "tsunami". Yeah...that's what she meant.


Kat said...

Oh that is just too cute!

XUE said...

how funny! my daughter Annika also refers to it as "salami" when she was small. Carpark was also Parcarp. We didn't correct her for a very long time. as to do so, marks the end of all such innocent mistakes. Today, at 8, she speaks English & German fluently, some Japanese & Mandarin so those earlier mistakes didn't slow her down at all.

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