Monday, October 27, 2008's that time of year again...AND I've been tagged. So I thought I'd take care of the Halloween post AND the tag post at the same time.

The rules say I'm supposed to link to the person who tagged me...that would be Cheri. Then I'm supposed to list seven random or weird facts about myself. Only seven? It's actually harder to find seven facts about myself that aren't random or weird. ; ) So here goes...

1. I played The Bride Of Frankenstein at Universal Studios Hollywood. Yep...I guess the folks saw the weirdness in me even then and chose me from the audience to be in the next show. That's me...all of 17 years old in full make-up and costume being seated by my "husband"...Frankenstein...and then again with all of Dracula's other guests. It was more fun than I can even begin to tell you. I loved every moment...especially learning all of the behind the scenes stuff! There was a reporter and a photographer there that day doing a piece for a monster magazine too. I remember posing in front of a mirror with the girl who did my make-up. It was a blast!

2. People actually used to pay me to sing. No...seriously...I guess they liked it or something. I'd like to think they liked it...and it wasn't a whole...I don't know...William Hung thing.

3. I've got a thing for tea. My very favorite is Bouquet de Fleurs...a Russian blend by Kusmi-Tea, P.M. Kousmichoff & Sons. I can literally taste it while I'm typing this. Coming in a close second is Harrod's Blend No. 16. BUT both have caffeine and I'm not allowed to have that anymore so occasionally you can find me lurking around the cupboard and taking deep whiffs from the containers where those treasures lie. And THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Typhoo for making a decaffeinated blend and shipping it to the US.

4. I don't like the phone...I think I got that from my father. He wouldn't talk on the phone either unless it was a dire emergency. I'm not that bad...but I'm close. Now, if I've GIVEN you my phone number? That's away. If not? Well...if long awkward silences on the other end don't bother you feel free!

5. Ages ago I noticed that Steven Tyler only painted one fingernail. He fascinates did the fact that he only painted one fingernail. I put my own twist on it and started painting only one toenail. It was always the pinky toe on the right foot. I think one person noticed in all the years I did it. Recently I started painting nine toenails one color and the remaining tenth another color. The tenth is chosen at's different every time. For some reason EVERYONE noticed that one. Garry thought I had simply forgotten to change that one...the kids at the bus stop LOVED it and couldn't wait to see what colors I was sporting and which toe would be different...women in Target would come up and ask me about it...the neighbors were fascinated...and of course strangers would stare. Hope and Claire think it is beyond cool and demand that their toes match Mama's. We rock! ")

6. I've had a crush on the same musician since I was eleven years old. You do the math...I still think he's cute...and yes, if you've spent more than fifteen minutes with me you probably know his name...along with the actor that I attached to in the late 90' leave me alone.

7. I'm growing my hair out...again. At it's longest I could sit on it's shortest it's been just shy of a buzz cut. I don't think I want it as long as Holly Hunter's character in Saving Grace, but we'll the fact that I think she's got more than a few extensions in there. My hair has the same wild tendencies as "Grace's" does and I hope I look as good at a few short Holly Hunter does.

So there you go. The rules also said I had to tag seven more people...but I'm a rebel...if you read this and are so moved? Tag! You're it!

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Kat said...

That was fun!
It sounds like we have much in common. The hair, the singing, the tea. :)

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