Monday, February 05, 2007

Thanks to everyone for EVERYTHING! I'm sorry I've been so quiet...your emails tell me you are being as patient as you can be!

This one is going to be very brief...I promise when things even out a little I'll let you know all the wonderful little details.

You remember that Claire was sick in China...snotty nose, cough, coughing so hard she was vomiting? Before she got home, the cough had lessened so no more vomiting. She still has a snotty nose, she's still coughing, she's in a brand new country, in a brand new house, with a brand new family...she went to the doctor for her first visit last Friday...she also has an ear infection. SO, she's been getting Tylenol, antiobiotics, and did I mention they started her re-vaccinations too? So she spiked a fever and had pain in both legs. There was little to no sleep the first couple of nights...and now we know it was due to the ear infection. Once the amoxicillin kicked in she's sleeping through the night. Let's not forget she's getting over a mild case of scabies too. So all in all, she's one of the toughest kids I've ever known...along with her sister. She's giving us smiles and waves and she's decided that I'm pretty swell. I don't think she realizes that I'm Mama yet, but she likes me.

Hope is doing well. She was the only member of the family besides the kitties who slept through the night the last few days. She has her moments...mostly small meltdowns when she feels like she's being left out. But most of the time she just wants to be next to her sister. Claire cries when Hope cries...and laughs when Hope laughs. Garry said she did NOT cue into other babies in China, so this is definitely a sister thing!

Me, one day is excellent, another day isn't. I'll survive. My family is home and together and we can get through anything. My house is still a mess. You know what? I've got two kids now. I think it's probably going to be a mess for the next 20 years or so. Humphrey has his surgery tomorrow, so those of you with a soft spot for kitties, please say a little prayer for him.

Garry, the Uber-Dad? There are NO words for how proud I am of him and how he handled everything while he was gone. He's got what Claire has. He went to the doctor today...came home with a couple scripts and some chicken soup. He needs to rest and take it easy for awhile! He had a minor meltdown earlier today because he couldn't find something...thinks he left it in China. It is so not important. Chances are it's buried under one of the many piles in my kitchen! LOLOLOLOL

My girls are napping...I think I'm going to do the same. Thanks for your patience!


John and Kristian said...

I'm with Garry. I didn't see Claire cue into other babies, it has to be a sister thing. What a blessing!

As for the house, you should see mine. Ugh...

Anonymous said...


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