Monday, January 16, 2006

Greetings readers,

I guess you can see from the last few posts that our stress level is holding at darn near maximum. Instead of complaining (I know...that will be new!) let me tell you about some of the wonderful, supportive comments we continue to receive. Our Christmas cards were full of them this year. Thanks for the update!; We can't wait for 2006 to meet Claire!; How wonderful! A new daughter for the new year!; You must be so excited!; and Holding you all, including Claire, in our thoughts and prayers. I can't tell you just how much we appreciate these precious words!

We also find it comforting when people actually refer to her by name. You'd be amazed how many people won't. It makes her seem more real to us and it shows a great respect and genuine interest from those who are inquiring about her when they call her "Claire".

Claire received her first gift yesterday...which I promptly went off and left at church! Luckily the beautiful afghan was handmade by someone I've called Mrs. I Forgot since I was in grade school. I have now claimed the title of Mrs. I Forgot, Jr. for myself. Thank you MIF Sr. for being such a blessing.

Until next time...thinking positive thoughts!

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