Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ok! So someone is REALLY reading this thing? WOW! After reading a recent post in Jennifer's blog as to how she doesn't know what's going on in my or her other friend's lives I must let you all know that I feel appropriately shamed. Mind you this comes from the girl who didn't bother telling me she was seeing anyone...let alone getting married and I only found out by accident when I was looking at her Amazon wishlist! ; ) I love you my girl...I really do!

Yes, things are progressing and I have plenty to tell. However, it is that time of year when I like to be out playing in my flowerbeds instead of sitting in front of the computer during naptime! I have been using my computer time to catch up on my job for the Ohio Arts & Crafts Guild. I volunteered to type, print, and mail the membership certificates and what with all of the adoption paperwork I HAD fallen woefully behind. I am almost caught up and will get back to posting here next week! I PROMISE!

We did indeed book our Disney World vacation for this fall and that's just about all Hope can talk about. Last night at the dinner table I asked her, "Hopie, who is your favorite princess?" I SWEAR to you I gave this child no coaching...she thought for a moment and then said, "MAAAAAAMA!" That's my daughter!

A bit of happy news to share...congrats to the Teuscher Family! Rick and Vanessa adopted their daughter Kylie at the same time we adopted Hope. As often happens, after adopting Kylie, Vanessa discovered she was expecting. As of 11:10 yesterday morning Kylie has a new baby sister! All are doing well but in the words of Vanessa's mother, "Gramie is a wreck!"

Until next week...

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