Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Oh my goodness...oh my goodness...OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Before I've even had a chance to explain it to you, IT'S HERE! THE I-171H Notice Of Favorable Determination from the INS/BCIS/CIS. (I think they are going by CIS now which stands for Citizenship & Immigration Service.)

I am totally and completely in shock! If you remember, during this process with Hope, we had our fingerprints taken by the CIS in September of 2002, our home study was finally approved and forwarded to them in December of 2002, and our I-171H arrived in mid-February 2003 (the day Hope was born!) This time around...fingerprints were taken on May 31st, the home study was approved and forwarded to them on June 1st, and we received our I-171H TODAY!

She's real to me now...she's finally real! Halfway across the world, somewhere in China, my new baby girl is sleeping peacefully.

More later...I'm going to go out and do cartwheels in the street!


jlp said...

Hurray! Congratulations! Was it faster because you've already been through this? Or is it supposed to be different every time?

Mel ") said...

Hey wahini,

There is no rhyme or reason as to why it is faster this time around. We're dealing with two governments. Receiving this form basically says we're finished with ours and now we're going to be dealing with China...and we're still in shock that we received it so quickly!!!

Love ya!

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